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PistolRogue 10-01-2012 05:52 PM

Looking to build some brass..
Ok, so I'm broke and out of projects at the moment, so I found my mind wandering.

Sure enough I get a picture in my head of a sheridan pistol with a K-frame, some nice iron sights, and matching wood pump handle/grips...

Now, I've owned a few brass guns over the past several years, but never actually got to the point where I did any custom work or even repair work, so bear with me here: I'd like to build this pistol (actually, possibly two) at some point down the road and I'm wondering if I'd be better off buying a PGP to build from, or if I should just start from absolute scratch. Even if I start with a PGP base, I want to rebarrel it to .680, so I'm not sure which route I should be looking at.

Any help?

matteekay 10-02-2012 12:56 AM

Having owned and worked on a lot of brass (but not to the degree of our experts... by a long shot...) I'd think your best bet is to get a PGP as a base. That way, the whole lower tube (12 gram/pierce pin/chamber/valve/hammer/hammer spring) can be kept intact and all you'll have to do is make sure the transfer port and feed hole are correct on the new barrel. It's bound to be a lot easier than trying to install all of that stuff in a bare tube.

MaD 10-02-2012 01:09 AM

I'd start with a base gun. At least the lower tube.... Just easier than starting from nothing. IMHO, a PMI1 is a much better base gun. The short length of the PGP lower tube is just too limiting. However..... if you use a PGP body, I'd go with a PGP 2 lower tube. While I'm not as big a fan of the cart valve, having the fasst threading already done in the tube is a pretty big plus.

PistolRogue 10-03-2012 10:08 AM

Thanks guys. Main reason I'm looking at PGP bodies is mostly for length- Ideally I'd like to do two of these so that in a pinch I can holster one and draw the other. Maybe I've just been watching too much cowboy action shooting lately but that's the bug that's bitten me as far this project goes. So with that, being shorter will go a long way toward easier handling/holstering. And adding the K-frame makes them longer right off the bat.

chplnstone 10-03-2012 05:11 PM

i agree with mad on the longer valve tube, i usually run with 2 p68sc's, nice comfy pump length with the longer tube. added length of the k-frame doesn't give me much of an issue in a belted holster... all personal preference. coming to wasteland warriors? can 'feel' mine out if you like

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