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toymachine 12-10-2012 01:20 AM

New Trigger Frame for PGP (PPS, CCM, whatever)?
What kind of single trigger frame can I install on a this PGP? Do I have any options besides a 45 frame (other than K-frame)? Not like I wouldn't love a k-frame...

Do I have many options, or I'm I left with the standard 45 frame - like the slightly modified one that I have my typhoon? So, next question, other than PPS, are there any other stores where I can pick one up? I ask simply because PPS seems to charge a premium.

In terms of instal, I assume it's a pretty straightforward instal, just bolt on? Thanks for the help!

sniper42 12-10-2012 01:37 AM

You can use a standard cocker 45 frame but it needs an adapter plate to match the flat of the frame to the round body of the pgp. Or you can have one milled to match the lower tube of the pgp. The third option is to buy a CCM t2 frame. They are radiused on the bottom and bolt right on.

toymachine 12-10-2012 01:56 AM

Really?! A 86 frame would be pretty comfy, especially as it's stock class bolt action. Problem solved, thanks sniper :)

Just to be crystal though, so you're saying a T2 CCM 86 frame will bolt directly onto, without modificatoin, the PGP pictured in op? I can see that the back/snatch grip part of the ccm frame will stick out behind the rva, but I can deal with that. Just like what is done here (in which case I'd probably just get a larger RVA as the one that comes with the PGP up there is kinda short):

I guess my concern is that that's obviously not the same body as a PGP's, and, well, I'd like to keep things as un-modified in terms of adding new parts.

sniper42 12-10-2012 02:29 AM

Yup a t2 frame should bolt right on to any standard sheridan. The old thing I'm not sure of is whether you'd have to shave a little off the slot in the pump handle on a pgp so it fits over the frame when you pump it.

MaD 12-10-2012 04:51 AM

Just to clarify, the link goes to a PG (pumpless), not a PGP. Also, a nice frame on sheridan guns is a 45 blazer frame (you have to tell them it's for a sheridan and not a blazer though). They're not cheap though.

toymachine 12-10-2012 10:11 AM

Good to know - I obviously am new to this aspect of the wide paintball world so I appreciate the info. PG, not PGP, got it (well, from what I understand it was worked on by PPS, so I have no idea if it started like as a PG or PGP, but that doesn't really matter).

Yes, I was originally thinking of something like a blazer 45 frame. If the CCM T2 86 frame works though, thats even better as far as I'm concerned. And yes, given as there's no pump, shouldn't have any problems.

In terms of the CCM frame, do I have to install a new sear or will the stock setup work?

MrBig 12-10-2012 09:46 PM

BigMatt did a run of these 45 frames a couple months ago. I don't think he has posted any of them up for sale. You could try contacting him. I do not know what the price will be. Mine came with the gun.

toymachine 12-10-2012 10:29 PM

thanks MrBig :) I'm gonna go with the ccm 86 frame - I mean I'd much rather have a k-frame but other than budget issues and their rarity the radii of the 86 frame is the closest I'll get afaik. What I'm looking for is a frame where it's easy to kinda position the gun in my hand to turn/cock the bolt and chamber a ball. For whatever reason I find it's more comfy when there isn't a sharp flat angle as with 45 frame (I need to change the title of the post - I wrote I was looking for a 45 frame because I had no idea I'd have so many options!).

On a slightly unrelated note, I have a couple other questions:

With the CCM frame, the snatch grip looks like it'll protrude at least .5" past the end of the PG's rva (pictured in first post). Can I use normal sheridan RVAs that are a little longer on the PG? If so, anyone around here make/sell them?

In terms of a speed feed thing, any idea whether this will fit on a PG given the larger end section of the bolt?

In terms of barrels, I know a bunch of folks who can modify the barrel (to clean it up, install a longer/ported one, etc. etc.), but I'm not really interested in this (yet lol). However, I'd like to find a muzzle break or flash suppressor or something. Any idea where I can find one for a stacked three tube PG/original PGP (assuming it has the correct ID, I have one for my typhoon, which I could cut out two slots, so it could slip onto the barrel yet clear the upper and lower tubes, but I'd rather get something made for this specific job)?

Thanks for the help!

snaparen 12-11-2012 07:48 PM

everything that will fit a pgp will fit the pg but the bolt, everything.

The bolt is the only thing that is slightly larger.

toymachine 12-12-2012 01:21 AM

cool :)

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