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Is this a sheridan p68sc?

Hey all, I bought this gun a while ago under the name of Sheridan p68sc, but it looks quite different from other pictures I have seen. Have any mods been performed on it? Also it seems to be leaking after putting the 12 grams into it, and I can't figure out what is wrong with it. Thanks for any help!
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It have some mod for sure, especially the cut out 12 gram slot.

If you have a leak it is likely to be your seal. You maybe able to fix it with just a few drop of oil to it, or you may need to replace the seal all together.
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No. The P68SC has a 15-round tube. That's a PMI-I.
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Hey that's my old gun!!!

I traded it off some 5 or so years ago lol

It had a few more mods on it when I had it though.....
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