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LUKE 11-20-2007 08:42 PM

modifying SP wood grips for sheridan frames?
I've noticed a few threads recently referring to SP wood grips fit to sheridan frames. Has anyone done this, and would anyone be able to post up a few pics of the insides of the grips so I can see where cuts have been made? I have a set of SP wood grips on a 45 frame for one of my pgp's...I'm interested in trying to fit a set directly to a sheridan frame, as long as it looks clean.



Jaan 11-20-2007 10:12 PM

I assume you're talking about the wrap around grips. I haven't done the wood grips, but I've done a couple of the plastic type of wrap around grips you would find on old Autocockers and such. If I recall correctly I had to shave down the back of the inside of the grip a little where it meets the curved back of the frame. It took about 5 minutes. It's not hard, just common sense.

Edit: Oh yeah, the bottom of the grip will also come down past the frame...if you compare a 'Mag or 'Cocker frame to a Sheridan frame, the former is more square, and the Sheridan rises up at an angle. You'll hardly notice it and it looks clean enough.

B 11-20-2007 10:26 PM

Luke get them to me I set you up.

HurtCow 11-20-2007 10:40 PM

A barrel bit and a Dremel will curve the area around the trigger guard nicely. Otherwise the guard will interfere with the grip. I should take a picture of the ones I've done. It's really quite easy, just don't screw it up. Measure twice, cut once.

spawnsharks 11-20-2007 11:14 PM

Hey Kurt... bring your dremel... I have a set of rosewood SP grips that I want to put on my new Piranha SB...

HurtCow 11-20-2007 11:57 PM

I won't be there Sunday. Out of town. But if you send them to me I can do it for you.

Edit: or just leave them with Pete, I have to head his way next week to pick up something anyway.

spawnsharks 11-21-2007 02:09 AM

NOT GOING TO BE THERE SUNDAY????? Holy cow... that never happens.

Worst case scenario, I'll send them to you...


WilD 11-21-2007 02:41 PM


Originally Posted by LUKE (Post 250821)
I have a set of SP wood grips on a 45 frame for one of my pgp's...I'm interested in trying to fit a set directly to a sheridan frame, as long as it looks clean.

You'll want to start with the wood grips form a cocker/mag frame rather than the 45 version. As others have mentioned, the area near the trigger guard is where the grips need to be cut. It is really quite simple, and you should be able to see where the material needs to be removed by placing a grip panel over the frame to see where it doesn't match. The grip will also be longer than the frame, most people leave that alone, but you could cut them to match the length of the frame if you so desired. I did this with some pastic grips and it was an easy process with a dremel.

LUKE 11-22-2007 07:12 PM

Thanks for the helpful advice fellas!

I took a look, and I may experiment with a pair of plastic before hacking up some wood ones.

B, thanks very much for the offer. I may bring these along at our next AG winter game (or wherever we end up), so you can have a whack at 'em. As the colder weather settles in, I temporarily lose my "work shop space" my back deck. :D

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