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How many shots from a KP2?

How many shots should I expect from a KP2 that is stock?
How many should I expect from it if I have it Performance tuned from Palmers?

both from a .12 gram.
thanks for the help,
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We had a good post on the old MCB before she went belly-up...

I think the final verdict was about 20 shots on a stock setup, then after a PPS tune you could get up to 30+....
A lot of talk on brands of 12's you use... PPS sells/uses Leland's which seem to have better/consistent fills ... Crossmans and Daisy are a little up and down from different batches...
Also with the kp's larger paint will help alot also on saving gas..
and then there was something on how good the valve puncture's the cartridge also effects your shot count....

edit... also how fast you shoot plays a big deal also...

Hope that helps a bit, I'm sure the others will chime in later...

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I get around 28 (2 full tubes of paint) to shoot at usefull velocities then the speed drops quickly to the point that the ball wont clear the barrel after shot 35. I have no idea if the gun has been tuned and I am not taking it apart to find out.
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Before the performance tune mine got 15 good shots.It now gets 30+.Definetly worth the money.
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That what i plan on. I use a kp-3 with 12 grams, but she gets about 25 shot before the big dropoff. A good performance tune should fix it up though.
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20 to 25 stock KP2, 35 to 40 PPS tuned. The performance tune is a great value, also gets you a velocity adjuster.

I've wieghed Lelands, BE and Crossman 12 g's before and after shooting as well as recording the number of shots and velocities from each. They are all virtually identical. Before the test I was convinced that the Lelands where far more consistent.

I have yet to test it but I think the orientation of the gun when it's cocked has an effect on efficiency. Muzzle down being more efficient. Had PPS put a spring feed on my KP2 too. Got it back over there for an insta pierce and a wedgit.

Still waiting for Craig to quit changing diapers and get back to work. LOL
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