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I have $500...

I want to play limited paint play for the fun, but don't want to play pump anymore. So this means mag-fed basically. I had a first gen TPX and it didn't work with my 12grams very well. I heard they fixed this?

Basically my question is: If you had $500, what would you spend it on? TPX + More Mags + New Mask or "CQB" T9 and less magazines?

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I'd personally get a TPX because you dont have to mess around with 12grams in the mags. And yes, they did fix the problems with first gen TPX pistols. The co2 cap is now adjustable.

I will never buy a CQB product because the CQB compensator is a rip off of Britt's UMS tac8 compensator.
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Zeus + 10 round tubes + $350 in the bank.

I almost hate to say it, because I don't want to jinx myself, but out of all the pistols I've tried (which is pretty much all of them at this point), hands down the second best money I've ever spent in paintball (first being the DSG, but that's not a pistol).

10 round tubes- cheap, SEALED. No worrying about water or humidity wrecking your paint while its on your belt/in your vest if you're using tubes.

Efficiency- 30ish shots/12ie is relatively easy to achieve. Or, if you're so inclined, since there's no mag in the grip, you can run an air-thru grip setup with a remote line and a small tank like I tried today. Little bit more snaggy than running 12ies but saves a ton of money in cartridges and also means you can focus simply on tracking your paint usage and not wondering "is that the 3rd tube I loaded on this 12ie or only the 2nd?".

Grip size/aftermarket grips available

Top feed port mod makes loading paint nearly as fast and easy as changing mags.

I've had several awesome, awesome games with my Zeus now while my TPX and T8 both sit at home, so much so that I'm seriously considering selling the others.
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I used to own a zeus and clones of it, it just doesn't feel right in my young hands lol
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I like my Squall, and my Sydarm was top notch.

But from your options, I agree with the zeus. Some modding needed (imo) but once it works well, you'll like it.
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Originally Posted by Kircic View Post
I used to own a zeus and clones of it, it just doesn't feel right in my young hands lol
I don't see how a TPX would feel any better in "young hands" other than the fact that it's a bit lighter. The grip on the TPX is definitely bigger, and with the finger grooves still on it, would be even worse for small hands.

But hey, I'll humor you and keep my commentary to the TPX if you're that set on it...

Yes, they've fixed the 12 g issue by making the front plug adjustable via a set screw in the middle. They also added holes in the side of the plug that you can stick an allen wrench or small piece of rod into and use for additional leverage to change partially filled cartridges.

For the money, a TPX setup will get you more gear. TPX vs. T9 really comes down to preference, they each have their downsides and ups.

TPX- lighter, cheaper mags, lighter mags, comes with 2 mags, easy to change CO2, common-thread barrel.... On the flip side, you still have to worry about changing the CO2 every 3 mags or so, its plastic (a preference thing here really).

T8/T9- made mostly of metal, composite grip frame is better quality plastic than TPX, heavier mags but you don't have to worry about CO2 changes as much. Bigger, heavier mags do mean you'll have to reload them on the field via 10 round tubes or "pistol pods" though. Mags are also expensive, and the gun will only come with one. Barrel is twist lock and few aftermarket options exist, especially for the 8/9.1's.

The downsides of both are that mags inherently have a slot in them for the spring locking tab to travel in. This leaves an air gap that allows moisture (rain + humidity) to get in and soften your paint, which can cause jams and chops in either gun if it gets bad enough. Both guns have open spaces where chops will spread paint EVERYWHERE inside. Best way to clean them is to leave them aired up, dump some water down the barrel, shake it around, dump it out, and dryfire it. Swab it out, or leave it in the sun a few minutes for a complete dry. Mags also take up more horizontal space than 10-round tubes, which limites how many you can fit on a given rig. Both are fairly annoying to take apart and have a bunch of itty-bitty parts that fall out in the process and can be a pain to line up again as you're putting them back together.

This is why I'm starting to side with stacked tube, springfed guns over the mag feeds. Particularly the Zeus as it can be found cheap, and with just two relatively simple mods can be brought up to competitive reloading speed with the magfed guns. On top of the reasons I listed earlier, you can top off a springfeed at any time, where with a magfed pistol, removing the mag that's in it will always drop at least 2 balls, necessitating a full mag swap and eliminating the ability to simply top off.

Keep in mind, I've owned all 3. Spent A LOT of money on T8 and TPX setups trying to get them "right". I don't think I ever managed to make it through a whole day with them without some sort of issue, whether it be dirt in the mags causing jams, or humidity, etc, and I've just played my 3rd full scenario with the Zeus without any issue whatsoever. When it comes down to it the most important thing in pistol play is simply being able to trust that the marker you're holding is going to fire a ball out of it at a breakable velocity when you pull the trigger. Everything else is secondary.
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+1 For the TPX
7rd true feed mags sealed the deal.

On my last outing I used the 7rd mags ONLY and had zero issues with paint.
The 12 gram changes still suck, but it is a problem that can be smoothed over.

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try an NME LE.............awsome and for sale in electrics.
Don't mess with the OLD ones.....
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Sydarm. It's an automag, so it's very simple. Efficiency isn't great, but I get roughly 20 good shots. When playing seriously, I run it on remote line. The springfeed system is very practical, and very fast to use.

The gun runs a bit heavy, but it /was/ modeled to emulate a 1911.

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ITSPB-Rogue, really good post...

...trought I own only Tac-8 from the SA sidearms, I agree with you, that good stacked tube SA pistol is most probably the winner, when we will count all benefits and disavantages. Tiberius is great for a while on shooting range, when you empty one mag after the other, on target. But in practice, he has some problematic features.

Like all Mag-style markers, he is hard to clean around the bolt, what makes you practically unarmed on the field when you have here break... for several games.

Like all Mag-style markers, he has many seals, what is nothing good for reliablity and maintenance. You can deal with that, but still it is weakness...

The magazines integrating powerlet and paint are not everytime profitable, commonly they are even awkward... what can lead us from the Tac-8 to the TPX, perhaps, but some people think that it is not big difference and they are satisfied with Tac-8.

But the endurance on max. performace is surely better in case of Tac-8, than with any existing stacked tube semi-auto. From stock Tac-8 you can get around 22 shoots on stable velocity between 260-270 fps or 18 shoots on stable velocity between 280-290 fps. And this stability and endurance has clear connection with accuracy.

And when you using Tac-8 with remote coil, the conection on the bottom of the mag is in better position than in front of the marker in case of stacked-tube SA.

The key question is imho, what is your style of play. If you like firefights on close range, and you shoot a lot, stacked-tube SA is probably better.

But if you will have small pistol marker, with best possible accuracy, and you like use him like "sniper" = for a few shoots from hidden or surprising positions, then the Tac-8 is imho very good candidate. Tac-8 accuracy is comparable with the best big paintball markers, the abillity shoot short burst gives you nearly the same efective range and the marker is small what gives you advantage in manever, concealment and cover.

Im pump-player commonly. Commonly Im using my old trusted (and heavily customized) PGP. But when I have played few times with my stock Tac-8, with my only one mag in weapon, opposite to common CA semis, I have here not problem to shoot 20-25 shoots from this one pistol and this one mag in game, and I have hat here commonly some very nice kills per game. So, I know that the Tac-8 is very dangerous wepon in good hands and with good tactic. Im sure, that for some people he will be the winner above your modified Zeus, trougt all respect that I have for him. It is commonly the player who determines how dangerous is his weapon. Good player will be find all thier benefits and using them opposite to enemy.

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