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Question Zeus questions

Just picked up a Zeus G2 and had some questions.

1. What 12 gram is recommended for the Zeus? I have heard that certain brands can cause problems for different brands and was not sure which is the best for the Zeus.
2. What's the best paint to use? After seeing some reviews it seems that the Zeus has slightly larger bore. Any suggestions on a good paint to match?
3. I was thinking about running a remote line using a dummy 12 gram but from the looks of it I won't be able to do it with the Zeus. Is there some sort of conversion kit out there and if so where can I find it?
4. Lastly what velocity springs works with the Zeus? Does spyder, cocker springs work???
Thanks for any help.
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1) Since the Zeus uses a threaded plug to hold 12g's in, inconsistencies in length of the 12g won't effect it, so its not as finicky about them as a gun with a lever changer might be. That said, cheap 12g's can have inconsistent fills and poor "pierce-ability". I have tried MOSA-brand food-grade 12g's and Leland "Special Force" and both are good, but I have to give it to Lelands if I were forced to choose between the two. Supposedly the ones the RAP4 carries are good as well. Other than that it can be a pretty mixed bag depending on who you ask.

2) Good luck finding good paint that's made in a Zeus boresize anymore. Don't worry about it. Shoot what works for you, there's really nothing wrong with shooting paint that's "overbored" (where your barrel bore is much bigger than the paint you're shooting).

3) The easiest way is to buy an ASA, 2x 90 degree macroline fittings, a dummy, and some macroline. Bolt the ASA to the grip frame, install the dummy, then the fittings and cut line to fit. There is a much cleaner way to do it by routing macro through the gripframe so that the remote nipple sticks out the bottom of the grip, but it requires powertools and some knowledge of how to use them. Stay tuned to this forum I'm trying to get a DIY posted on how I did mine.

4)I honestly don't know. I've never had to change the spring. I'd hold off on messing with that until you've had time to play with it a bit and see how it chronos. The best rule ever conceived was "If it ain't broke, don't "fix" it"
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I've used tippmann 98c/A-5 drive springs in my Zeus pistols as replacements and I didn't have to cut them.
Worked for me, might be worth trying.
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Thanks for the info. I am still a little unsure what type of dummy co2 setup I can use. I have run across 2 and not sure if any of these would work. I noticed on the zeus after you remove the screw under the pistol that it does not have a big enough to use one of these setups. here's the links:
T68 Paintball Pistol Remote Adapter

12 gram CO2 Dummy Cartridge Paintball Pellet BB ASA NEW - eBay (item 380276057071 end time Nov-04-10 12:30:23 PDT)
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