Sidearms Bring on the Pistols! From Splatmasters to modern day semi-auto pistols.

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As they said in the old west,
"it's kinda hard to take a feller serious if he ain't got at least two hoglegs!"

Seriously though, IMO, it's more a matter of patience.
Routinely wielding two pistols is more than twice as hard to learn than wielding one and so takes longer to get comfortable with, but what's the rush? A paintball 'career' can span decades, mine has, so why not pick how you want to play and go to town?
I started out with 2 3357s and had a blast. Found I was weaker with only 1, so I stuck with 2. After a few years of playing that way, I never doubted it was for me and now here I am, still giddy at the start of each game and laughing after!

I would say that someone who can't handle 2 yet might be better off today with 1, but someone who pays the toll until they CAN really handle 2 is more than twice as tough as someone with 1.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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Danmit. I'm gonna need another pistol... But where to get the money?

Hellooooo college fund!
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