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I'm really liking the idea of the ring for some quick changes. I decided to try the TPX again after my first one was such a struggle, but I'll still be using a zeus as well, I've got a gold one for the grunt work this year.

Thanks for all the props earlier in the thread. We are looking forward to some reformatted and fun team play this year. DOTR here we come!TPX video

Maybe a TPX video is in the idea works with Scout as well. We have tossed some stuff around for a bit on that, and need something to freshen up the site.
The pistol brigade has been formed:

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well, I will bring some to the St Patty's Day bash at Hell Survivors March 17th!

If not then you could grab some at the Bunny Hunt:

We could always use another Bunny!!!

You guys going Ranger for DOTR?? GLR is, I'm stoked for it! Maybe I can talk the general into letting me try for another Blackhawk Down mission. I still can't believe we 'lived'!

Scout always does such a great job with his vids, I look forward to it!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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Whoof! Going right from working nonstop for weeks to a 4day trip to florida!

When does the rest come?

I did get a little chance to get out after work sat.
Here's a teaser clip of my rig:

2TPX,15co2,30mags - YouTube

Aaahh! it's awesome! The mods worked as well as I hoped! 2 pistols, 30 mags and 15 co2 and I can hop in my car and move it closer without a problem!

Much more thursday when I get back!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
No dump pouches right?... Just pickup the mags after the game.
Main: Dual Tiberius Pistols 9.1/8.1 FS Only
Secondary: Dual Tiberius Pistols Custom Polished Non-FS
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+ too many ol' Shoebox Shockers for loaners.
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Damn 30 mags?

Very impressive.

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WOW. Those tiny mags can pack in there! Nice.
My response to everything you just said: o_O

nation feedback
mcb feedback

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Originally Posted by VooDooAddict View Post
No dump pouches right?... Just pickup the mags after the game.
Oh no, VooDooAddict!

I was overpowering an open class to try out the full rig, I dumped from front right to rear right, then filled front right with empties from front left and so on.
For real work, I've got a dump pouch that fills the gap on my belt behind my right pistol in the vid.

HS is too big and too thick to find them again, I'd hate to have to skip a game!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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Things I've reminded myself to add have stacked up!

It reminds me and so I will reiterate it to you guys before I start, all of my descriptions of my own actions are reconstructed after the fact. As I play I am simply concentrating on observing, on taking in every piece of data I possibly can with every sense I have. The actions take care of themselves.

The Bunny Hunt was a hoot! About 35 bunnies on one team, 155 hunters on the other, 15min or total elimination game. At the end of time there were 9 bunnies left and about 30-35 hunters. The poor hunters had to fight us up the Masters hill, we cut them down like wheat. I got my 6 or 7...
I had a great engagement with a player coming up the hill along the tapeline edge. I could only shoot at him through one 4" wide slot, so he was able to tee off on the window I could shoot through. I'd pop up and zing a few, he'd shoot a few and duck my shots. I went through 5 mags, most of which was shot out into the center of the field at other folks, just coming back to keep him pinned halfway up the hill, before he finally caught me and a great shot it was.

While watching the game after that from outside the tape I saw a younger player using a TPX work nicely up to the lip of the hill, calmly sit down and reload, then charge up the hill and go over the bunkertop, getting 1 of 2 tenants. He'd have had them both, if he'd have remembered to get his pistol crested at the same time his head broke from cover.
A good regular player will get his head out there just as his hopper breaks cover, then his eyes and his barrel will clear at the same moment. A good pistol player should break cover with his barrel and the top of his head at the same time, settling the pistol as his eyes clear the edge.
I talked to him after he came out. A stereotypical pistolero-to-be, has played paintball a few years and looking for more challenge already. It was his first time not carrying his reg marker as a backup and he didn't have much in the way of gear yet, I gave him a few of my trufeeds to replace ones he had lost in an earlier game.
Hell Survivors did me proud as usual, 2 games after he had lost them, 2 of the 5 mags had already showed up at lost and found as we checked on our way out to scour the everglades field. I bet the rest are at lost and found by now, it's great to play somewhere you can be proud of.
I remember those days of scrounging for PB money too well to have let him go home short, not when he played good sportsmanlike pistol, so he left with what he started with!

It's a great idea to mark your mags on the bottom plate with your name or callsign.

More games played with my new pants under my belt(har-har!). The positioning and ease of them is perfect. They're in a great position:

With the crossing velcro on the back of the pouches I'm able to adjust them well for any position and they hold tight when I run.

By the way, Evil paint, speaking from what I saw, does NOT want to be HS' new field paint. They got a foot in the door and sent out a load of uncured poop. This is evil tournament grade we're talking about and except for the logos it looked, shot and broke like the cheapest walmart crap. I was shocked silly as I've seen tournament grade before that was ok and marballizer is alright. Just awful, I threw away the second bag I had bought in the trash, just to save me from the embarassment of having to shoot it.
I remember in 08, at just the big games, HS had sold over 15 million paintballs, yeah, who would want that business?!?!?!?!

I've been doing alot of thinking and I'm going to have to give up another old friend.
First the pistolpod made me give up my beloved 10rd tubes, now the SA-17 has convinced me to give up the side dropout.
I have no concern that after a couple of decades I'M going to suddenly start rocketing 12grams around the place, however I loan my pistols out alot and will not hand off something with a history of being dangerous. Wasted a whole TPX body on that one!

That being said, what to do? As time has gone on I've gotten better at using the regular system, but still, for trips down the meatgrinder against 30 or 40 opponents it would be a tough row to hoe.

So I did what I do. I started looking at every single gas delivery system, first in paintball, then in airsoft, then in airguns, then... There were no more thens.
I found that the Umarex Metal Storm airgun uses a double clip that holds 2 12grams:

This mag looks like it would fit in a T8, but of course not lock, plus there's the problem of it taking up the space normally reserved for paint. Air in mags with paint, always a hassle... The umarex co2 mag is $20.

So, how to attach this handy-dandy air system to my TPX?

I will make a seperate magwell to appear like a laser/light that rail mounts under the pistol with the opening at the muzzle end. By tapping it into the side of the pierce pin block through the body I can ensure that I'll be able to use regular 12ies instantly as well.

This seems workable enough to try. I have a mag on the way from umarex, we'll see!

I've had yet another change of heart, this one about the tan TPX. I understand them making tan instead of olive(when one of your customers is the Army, you try to keep them happy), but I didn't think I'd go for sand. After seeing them in person a few times, I like it!
After all, camouflage is not for me it's for the other guy, he better camouflage himself from ME!
Camouflage won't help a guy running full speed at his opponents firing two pistols, at least not any I can afford yet.

I may grab ahold of one soon!

Much more to say, no time to say it! Now that I've broken the ice again, I'll be back!!!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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Being able to get over 50 shots before reloading the 12 grams would be amazing. How easy would it be to change them out? You know how much I dislike the way 12 grams are changed out on the TPX and I'm always looking for a way to improve it. I just haven't found any yet.
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When I saw SSC do this:

I immediately thought:
With the rear air line/remote kit I would think you could do a bucket changer out the back and it would still be holsterable but would give you fast 12gram changes.
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