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All Hail Harb!
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Brass N Wood Fan

Mags didn't fit. My Glock 19 mags have trouble fitting.

Edit: about the "10 round mags" I'm pretty sure he mentioned that before somewhere because I knew what he was talking about and sure as hell ain't smart enough to think of that on my own.

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Post Whore
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It looks more like this, with my wife appearing as the aptly named Monk-on-the-right...

Just kidding!

I do standing(aaaaaalmost moving) meditation as part of my tai chi practice, looks like this except for my clothes I suspect.

No sitting meditation unless Battlefield 2142 counts....
I count it, though there's an infinitesimal possibility I'm rationalizing a bit.

I've been meaning to youtube up 'ball for pistol' for Magnumhan for weeks, if it stops raining today I'll do it!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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firsttime 4 pb 2/4/2014
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AJ once I get the 50 cal Finnished it will be time to price out mills.
I know what you want. It takes time (that I have right now) but also money( that I don't have) lol.
My first paintball game was last year.
I should know everything there is to know about paintball.
The best marker is the one I use.
I learned everything I need to know about how to fix and run a successful paintball venture from the Internet.
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Pistol Packing Santa and his 9 stalwart Reindeer successfully defended the North Pole against the 20 minute onslaught of 56 Bad Boys And Girls today at Hell Survivors. Christmas magic is safe for next year!
More later, nothing's better after a good day of defending the spirit of giving than a little trip to Nagoya Japanese steakhouse!!!!

Special thanks to Rudolph/Tinman!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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Finally awoke from my hibachi inspired coma.

My pants showed up on friday, just in time!!!
I thought I was buying a cheap, thin, knockoff copy of the Eotac Discrete operators denim pants when I sent $25 to Hong Kong.
What arrived was a pair of Eotac Discrete operators pants from the chinese supplier. Tags and all.
Eotac is getting out of apparel and there are clearance prices all over.
A sidezip seam thigh pocket holds 3 flat mags, the oversized dump back pockets will hold 9 or 10 a pocket.

From the facebook:

20 mags, 10 co2, 2 magic wands.

High speed, low drag and ready to roll!

My wife is dyeing the pants black for me. I have a black belt inbound and am grabbing emdom 6o4 pouches in black. I have room on the belt for another 4mag pouch. 24 is a great number and may be my sweet spot.

I ordered another pair within an hour of their arrival. After wearing them in play, I'm tempted to get a third pair. They are my dream pants(once I removed poorly planned velcro and added a few snaps).

The overuse of velcro is a way companies lazily pretend things are done right.
Tactical Velcro = A SNAP BUTTON OR TWO!!!!!
If it's intended to move, open or close during action, velcro is a dumb choice.
Paintball gear makers have not cornered the market on cutting this corner, realsteel gear makers are just as bad.
Not only is velcro undependable(if the hook side gets fouled with anything at any time, it's useless) but it closes automatically when it touches which may not be desirable.

While I'm ranting, what's with people??? I've given away hundreds of TopBrass SeeClear wipes(better than fogdoc at a tiny fraction of the price, these are sold at meijers or online) at Hell Survivors, most of my team in open play walked around in varying degrees of blindfold anyway.

I've successfully shown that an overbored flexhoned barrel is the most accurate possible way to shoot paint, why is the first thing I see, when someone mentions TiPX modding, freak boring???
Freak Boring is a brand name for taking a poorly surfaced barrel and making it even worse by sizing it to the paint.
It's an expensive way to make your pistol LESS accurate, that is it's only function aside from making someone look elite.

What's with me??? I knew darn well that the umarex mag was a booboo, but I made it out of boredom anyway. Now I spent all this time and effort on something so I can have more crap I don't need.
So do I give it to someone, knowing it's a drag on a pistolplayer's development? Or do I just throw it in the trash? Jury's out, but it won't go on any gun of mine.

Defending the castle in freezing weather with 12 mags and one pistol(it was NOT a tactical Santa suit!!!) I fired my 12 mags, crawled to get a pod from Dancer the Reindeer and reloaded them. Shot those 12 and crawled backed to the pod and reloaded a few more with what was left then shot those, ending the 20minute game with 2 balls left.


The TiPX doesn't need anything put on it that doesn't come with it, except a flexhone.

I hit a guy off the break at well over 300'. 12gs FTW!
He tracked me down after the game to tell me I hit him, I think the little fella was more excited than I was. I told him you have to get it high enough for it to gain breaking speed as it falls....

If your mags get packed with snow, as mine did, dry firing the TiPX into the sideslot a few times clears 'em right out.

I dry fired an extra 2 12gs in there, keeping the fear of Santa in those bad boys and girls!

A heavy coat of light oil is the ticket for sub zero play.

Now I can't wait for the HS New Year's Bash on Jan 29th! I've made it clear that I will NOT play in a diaper to represent the new year! I'm a good sport and all, but that's too far...

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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all work
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I always prefer to end the game with two balls left! Happy holidays.
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er, I guess then that I had 4 balls... Back at you nightstar!

In the interest of fairness to all parties I will say that if you use LA honed Freak inserts to maintain the optimum .003-5 overbore for various paint then they are a good investment for a travelling paintballer.
I did a whole freak set for a guy, doing the inserts first, then putting the barrel and inserts together one at a time and doing a lighter job. He now owns a back, a tip and a set of inserts, no other barrels ride his marker.

Flexhoning should be redone every few seasons(in a regular marker), a longer wait is good with pistols depending on your yearly volume.

I was recently asked about the TechT stuff offline and I realized that I've never discussed it here.
I do not recommend lighter springs than the stock ones for any purpose.
In fact I keep a new spring in my toolbox and every time I clean my pistol I check the length of the spring in the pistol against the unused one. Any time the spring is shorter than the yardstick, I stretch it back to match.
Breech breaks can drag shell back into the spring especially which can cause it to be crushed, but co2 ice can as well under rapid fire or cold conditions.
As for the bolt I can be nicer! One of the most important limiting factors for efficiency in the TiPX is front bolt friction. Changing the Tippmann Detent to a double ball detent will give you a few more shots, the improved(but more expensive to make) nose of the TechT bolt will for the same reason.

Nothing else about the bolt has any beneficial effect whatsoever, IMO, but who cares if you get a few more shots right? Remember the TiPX can fire without the bolt making full travel anyway, but not as consistently as it will if the bolt back ledge makes consistent contact with a properly placed breech oring. If the TechT were the same weight as the stock bolt I would like it better.
If your pistol is consistent shot to shot, you won't need as many 12grams because you will hit what you're aiming at more often. I found the TechT bolt more inconsistent in my particular pistols so I don't use them. I found ball detents less consistent so I don't use them. Shot count is a thin reed to cling to if it costs you accuracy by my standards. Careful adjustment of the spring is required to get this consistenecy with a TechT bolt.
With 35 guys on a side in the middle of winter, I can't afford BS shots. Every ball I launched was the best shot I could make. A pistol can only shoot so much in a given timespan in winter before it freezes, so this shot that misses forces you to shoot again.

When I hone a TiPX I have a trick of the wrist that lets me roll the hone around hard on the lip in the breech(I always hone the barrel and breech as a screwed together unit). This polishes and slightly rounds the entrance for the bolt, accomplishing the same gain with a stock bolt.
More than one way to catch a trout...

For winter play I cleaned my pistol thoroughly(ice will form around even a speck of dirt and 12grams are dirty inside anyway) and oiled it with marker oil. I also coated both sides of the bumper with marker oil. At the start of the day I put a drop on the nose of my first 12gram. After 2 games(26 total mags) I dripped 4 drops down into the pierce pin, unlike the Tippygrease oil gets shot out as you play. It's necessary to reoil it a bit when possible, you may start to hear it 'squeak' as it dries out. In cold temperatures the grease is too thick a base. Ice embeds into the grease and can build to cause trouble. When you drip the oil down into the pierce pin, make sure to miss a few times and coat the 12gram seal as well. One of the most common ways to go down in the snow is to have the nose of the 12gram freeze to the seal, pulling it out.
External shinguards are awesomeness. They let you crash fearlessly in the summer and keep your legs dry in the winter. I went crazy crawling around in the snow and my pants were bone dry at the end.
The Santa suit was a major inconvenience. Now that I've tossed back all my red herrings, planning can begin on a tactical santa suit for next christmas. Which may involve taking a big pair of scissors to my Bail Out Bandolier, but not til next fall.

One thing people notice about me as we get to know each other is that though I can speak pretty normally, I think a majority in terms of metaphor and parable as these are useful when used in rotation with normal thought, or as Ender said "The enemy's gate is always down". Simultaneously considering things from multiple points of view you might say. Moati's brother and I had an interesting discussion at Living Legends 5 during the Case of The Broken Generator. He said that the current psychological and Psychiatric evidence maintains that people can only think of one thing at a time. However smoothly someone is doing 2 things at once, their 'processor' is actually flipping back and forth between tasks.
My reply to that was that they were testing for people's perception instead. That a person who considers chewing gum and rubbing his head as strung together parts of one action can smoothly do both at once. This is part of the power of Taichi. In learning Tai Chi you learn to control this perception as you advance. As Chang Sang Feng would say "In every movement, every part of the body must be light, agile and strung together. Movement should be rooted in the feet, released through the legs, directed by the waist and expressed in the fingers." No part stands still, the way a baby or an animal moves, but it's all one movement.

My good metaphor for today is that Paintball Players are Hikers and Pistol Players are Mountain Climbers. A hiker is much less likely to have to turn back halfway to his goal because he has the wrong size carabiner. He doesn't need as much training or as much dedication(which some people can't afford to commit what with Life and all) to reach his goal and succeed. In return for his effort a Pistol Player gets a perspective on his surroundings that a hiker does not and gets more satisfaction in the process. Scenery is more exciting when you add in dangling from a rope, naturally.

Surprised noone called me on the 300 footer... Mighta been more!
For those who know Hell Survivors, I was standing on the top level above the front door of the castle with my trusty TiPX in the holster. Looking out over the squares harassing the bad boys and girls(politely, as Santa should). The other team came down the Meat Grinder and lined up at the castle side of the big bridge. I picked the bunker I would head for if I was starting from their side and when they yelled 'GO, GO, GO', I drew and fired. The little guy was in the game paint travel time plus less than half a second. Good practice for this kind of downhill shot is to stand 250' from a plastic kiddie pool with 4" of water and practice filling the pool. It's much easier to clean if you put water in, as the paint just bobs around instead of breaking. You should be able to hit 5 of 7. All I had to do was figure the distance, lead, trajectory of the ball and effect of the wind plus the speed of the player and the effects of 28 degree weather on both pistol and paint. Lucky for me those are all one task!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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I've stacked up a few pics, here we go!

I have my helmetcam ready for Warzone on the 19th.

I'm looking forward to trying it, never been there.

Hell Survivors is having a new years game on the 26th. That will be fun and I'll finally get to bust out the white poncho.

In 2001 I started back into serious work on Tai Chi Pistol. I had given away what 3357s I had left, around 5, in 99. My outlaw group had broken up with the gulf war 99-00' and with the brand new zeus types I knew I could shoot enough to play commercial ball.

Noone else may ever learn the results fully, but that's not why I did it. I did it because I wanted to know if there was anything to it or not.
In spite of all challenges, the condescension of my family, the derision of narrow minded paintballers and everything else, I averaged over 30 days a year of play for the next 10 years with my pistols.
I found what I was looking for too. As always with Tai Chi, it's "A way so simple it can get by without being a way at all". Under that though are hidden complexities.
To commemorate success and the time involved at Hell Survivors I made a symbol combining the Yin-Yang symbol and the Hell Survivors Fireball. So if you ever study Tai Chi and after that start to integrate it into pistol play and you like what you find, you can wear this as a patch:

I wear mine under my shirt!

In 2005 they started having ID Cards for inserting in Big Games at HS. I've lost a few and I missed one TWC in this time but here's a little Hell Survivors Solitaire!!!!!

All Pistols, All the Time.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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Serving Tea for CCM
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Warzone in Toledo? It's not too bad of a field.
Originally Posted by russc View Post
Senghing, you are the happiest paintballer ever.
~My Feedback~
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