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is my hero
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I like it. I have a WTF stalker vest I use for most normal games but I've been thinking abut how to carry more paint for scenarios. I have a battle belt like yours and had been thinking of adding some tube shingles on that and maybe a single pod carrier to pack more ammo. Looks nice like you have it there.

Tubes are the way to go in my opinion.
Originally Posted by Nyxd View Post
...just following the natural paintball life cycle. Young with no money and drooling over all the nice toys ---> Old with toy money and no time to play.

Feedback thread:
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Originally Posted by Bulldog View Post

I'd like somewhere to tuck a couple more mags, since I currently have 8 - I'll probably either put a couple single-mag pouches on the RAP4 hydro pack I'll wear with this, or else pick up or replicate one of the WTF Radius gauntlets - I have an idea for one with an integrated full-sheet map pouch...
You could move your dump pouch over to cover your crouch to free up belt space.

Or try to make some mag holders that hang down from the belt(like the bonus pockets on agentsmith's pants). Imagine a cargo pocket you could attach to your belt that rode at regular Pants pocket height(instead of belt height)
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Originally Posted by Bulldog View Post
Finally got my battle belt setup tweaked to where I want it, so it will be all ready for TWC next month. This is meant primarily to ride high, with the buckle across the navel, but it can be worn around the hips to accommodate a vest or chest rig.

The buckle allows you to pull the straps super-tight, and it has some shock-cord looped in the back for elasticity, so it will stay firmly in place without severing my spine.

I made the dump pouch small to hold pistol mags and the occasional grenade. The top flap can cover it, fold back out of the way, or hold the pouch in a rolled-up position. It's one of the first pouches I ever made from scratch, and it shows.

I whipped up this universal holster over the weekend after seeing something similar online. It holds my primary when I'm in the staging area or both my hands are occupied (with flags and props and general acts of heroism). I can also use it to hold the foregrip of a slung rifle (i.e. my Phenom) to keep it snug when running or climbing.

In back are my custom Kanuck-style radio pouch, two RAP4 50-round pod pouches holding Pursuit Pods for reloading, and the shock cord loops that keep the belt snug.

My backup/Wu-style pistol rides in a custom forward-canted semi-thigh holster. It has a strap to go around the leg as well (but my mannequin doesn't have legs, so...). The bottom of it is held shut by a thick strip of velcro, so it can be opened to allow a longer barrel or suppressor, and the side can expand to accommodate a folding grip or light on the rail. The mag loop is nice for empties, but when I carried a full mag in there I only had three rounds left by the time I loaded it.

This is my prototype mag pouch. It's based on the same design that Milsig Solid Gear and other use, but I couldn't find one in MARPAT, so I made my own. Getting the spacing right for all four mags so they are held snug but can still be inserted easily was a PITA, and it shows. Next time I'm going with a webbing-reinforced opening and elastic halfway down, which should give me more room for measurement error.

I'd like somewhere to tuck a couple more mags, since I currently have 8 - I'll probably either put a couple single-mag pouches on the RAP4 hydro pack I'll wear with this, or else pick up or replicate one of the WTF Radius gauntlets - I have an idea for one with an integrated full-sheet map pouch...

Looks great do you shoot with no arms???
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I'd date a girl with a cocker.
Originally Posted by Slappadapink View Post
....bro, you just gave me a quarter chub.
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I'd tell you what I use to pull the trigger, but this is a family-friendly forum.
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Here is my setup for the TiPX cmp

New Feedback as my other was deleted for some reason: MCB feedback

PBN Feedback
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Since it's hard to see:

2x PBmafia wrist(bicep) harness with five 10 round tubes each
Pro- Extra ammo that keeps my profile and sound signature minimal. Con- The caps on the tubes pop off occasionally, spilling rounds.

2x Full Clip single mag pouch attached to the harness at chest level and I have two more double mag holders on their way
Pro- Smaller than most mag holders. Con- They have a tighter fit, so mags can be difficult to return. (I've minimized this by placing the magazines inside and rotated them 90 degrees to stretch out the material.)

2x Tippmann TPX leg holster with 5 12 grams each
Pro- Holds extra mags and my spare 12grams. Con- The weight of it throws off my running stride, and sometimes the bottom leg strap falls off mid-sprint.

BlackHawk harness and belt
Pro- Prevents the Tippmann leg holsters from dragging my belt down past my *** when I run, and looks bad-***. Con- Not much storage space other than the belt and harness straps.

pew pew

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Originally Posted by JasonSaastad View Post
you've gotten blood on my suit!

What I do with my spare time:
build hybrid and electric race cars
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Always nice to see how many different ways someone can come up with to carry the same items.
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It matches my T8's well

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My 1 pistol Leonidas rig for shield play at the 300 game:

12 mags, 1 pistolpod, 10 co2, dump pouch. I had 32 total mags plus the pod with other gear. Ran empty several inserts but was reloaded by teammates.
Reloading a TiPX while using a shield is quite easy and I went through a lot of paint in that target rich environment.
My favorite moment was a snapshooting duel at 20'. My opponent had a ATed pump cocker and was superbly accurate. As I was then guarding our base with one person besides myself(another Sniper shooter), I couldn't push it for fear of the 30 guys behind him! Finally our insert showed up and we were able to dig him out. I was going at him hard enough that those guys didn't form a rush past him, that would have been bad for me...

We did not win, but it was not for lack of trying. My team did me proud, inserting time and again into overwhelming odds until finally we owned the whole field and fought them at THEIR insert point.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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