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Here was my old setup... I should have never have sold it Now I need to rebuild the whole thing hahaha

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what harness is that?

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My phantom setup(prefered ver other setups)
As it sits I ordered a 13/30 wrist harness and other goodies this week
ive used it as a sidearm a few times removing the stock and runnin 12s tucking it into a space in my podpack
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Originally Posted by skullcandy1993 View Post
what harness is that?

It's a NXe Molle Belt and holster.

I've a similar setup myself if I only want to run a single pistol and 2-3 mags. Just instead of the Tiberius mag pouches I've got a Valken one.

....Hmm looks like the holster isn't available anymore. Oh well any Molle Ambidextrous or Left Hand holster would give you the same effect.
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Pretty close, I ddidn't use the valken mag pouches, I just sewed on 2 tiberius mag pouches on an angle to the NXE mounts.

Edit: woops, saw you covered that

It's in stock on Amazon:
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Doesn't work for Avratech
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I'm kind of a minimalist... PBMafia joyride harness, that's about it. I usually just tuck whatever I'm using into the belt when I'm not using it... I don't actually play "sidearm", I just use a pistol for primary from time to time.
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here's a good pic of mine. more 12ies in the chest pocket.
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Fresh redo with new BT Multi/Universal holsters... other than that it's pretty much the same

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that is awesoe rogue, I love the double Zueses
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Excellent setup Rogue! Having a few tubes reachable by the right shows a man who takes his game seriously and knows what he is about! I would NOT want to meet you in a dark paintball alley!

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