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Agentsmith and Mayvik i believe you both have some really good points, i think i'll have to get out there and try out different rigs with both markers. From my research on rigs the amount of Magazines and placement are incredibly important, along with reloading practice.

Thank you all, This has shown me alot of pro's and con's about both markers, and a solid basis to proceed from here
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Saying it more vehemently or with a longer post does not make something a fact, nor are facts determined based on your preference to use something that suits your playing style best. You should be sure to point out the extensive amount of mods to the guns and your gear that you required to get your TPXs to be "best", so if the OP is not looking or able to spend time re-manufacturing his marker, fabricating ancillary tools and stitching up custom harnesses, he's aware that you did.

Nor does raising questions about my tone or tendency to try to be clear, hide the fact that you can't refute any of the facts I stated, buddy.

I have grindered off the fingergrooves and removed the front rail. I honed the barrels. Also rounded off the front of the triggerguard and bored the co2 exhaust hole larger at the pierce pin.
Other than the barrel hone(I could have got a stiffi instead), these cosmetic body changes could be done with a set of hand files, for pete's sake!
Aside from this my pistols are bone stock inside.

I tested a cocker detent but got rid of it as it affected accuracy

The scales don't lie. The price tags don't lie. Even if we accept the new lower price for the T8mags they still cost double. We can expect troubles to diminish along with prices for the TPX as it gets out of it's infancy, the T8 had to do this process in it's time.

Actually I thought I was being kind...

You swap mags, dump your old 12 gram, and put a new one in. How do you know you have a good 12 gram? You have to remember to fire the gun to pierce the cartridge, and if it doesn't pierce?
The piercing shot makes a noticeable noise, not loud, but an empty will make none and this trigger pull does not affect the balls in the mag in any way. Nor is there a gap between the piercing and being able to fire. The worst case if you forget to pierce is that you have to doubletap the trigger to get 1 ball, this is hardly significant.

Most people carry between 6 as I did and Dundadun does and 12 T8 mags.
Say you have 6.
So for the first 48 shots you fire you have a small advantage. The TPX user will change 1 co2 that you don't have to.
After you run out of full mags, you have to reload each mag with balls again which takes more time than to change a TPX co2, so by the 8th mag you fire you're behind. You get behind more over what you could have done with a TPX, each mag you load.

The thing I left out and why I said I thought I was being nice is the true catastrophe. When you run out of mags with co2!
Then you have to do a co2 change MUCH harder than the TPXs, load the mag with paint, then and ONLY then can you use it again. Once you've run out of co2'd mags you're in trouble if the fight is still going on.

It's a curve of diminishing returns, the more paint you shoot the worse the T8 is.
Now there may be lots of people out the who only shoot 48 shots a game. For them the T8 IS the better choice. That's why I was careful to point out to find what's the most fun for you. If you shoot 10 balls a game, you would find the T8 more fun, if you shoot 1,000 or would like to, the TPX is the gun for you. It'll take care of itself.

I bought 2 zeus' when they came out. After study I decided that they were a great primary and a horrible sidearm. So I ditched one and used other stuff for sidearms.
I bought 2 T8s and after logical study found they were a great Sidearm and a horrible primary, so I ditched one and kept the other.
I didn't have to try the stroker, it's all primary.
On back through history 2 pistols at a time until we reach me buying 2 3357s when they first came out. I am brutal, I am harsh but I put them all through the same extreme ringer.

You're a smart man for doing that testing yourself Denverdudeson, as Mayvik and I show, if they were benchmarked like CPUs there would be no need for threads like this. But mayvik and I, both good pistol players, use a different scale to measure with.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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I can't believe we are back at this again...

Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
I couldn't disagree more.
Add in the fact that T8 mags are $50 and TPX mags $15
This is not correct. You are misleading the cost by a significant percentage.

Tiberius Mags are $30 new LINK


The bottom line is that you really can't go wrong with either as a primary. They both have their pros and cons. Go with whichever feels best for you. If you can't shoot them at least hold them. Either one gives you a very satisfying feeling when goggling a ramping electro user.

EDIT: Oh and one other thing ... If you get heavily into pistol play, you'll probably eventually end up owning both anyway.
Main: Dual Tiberius Pistols 9.1/8.1 FS Only
Secondary: Dual Tiberius Pistols Custom Polished Non-FS
Pistol Rigs: 6-12 Mag Dual Pistol Rig, Single Pistol 4 Mag Rig
Tertiary: 2k2 Blue Shoebox Shocker / 16" .689 CP / 88-4500 Classic Maxflow / BluApache
+ too many ol' Shoebox Shockers for loaners.

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Originally Posted by Denverdudeson View Post
Hey all, I've been looking into buying a pistol as of recent and have seen that the two predominant pistols out there are the TPX and what I believe is the T8.1.

Which do you think is better?

I'm looking for statistics/opinions such as-

It depends on what you mean by this. They will each get the same shots per 12g, but there is a difference in this as well. The mags hold the 12g in the t8.1, while the tpx holds it in the gun. For efficiency fps-wise, I can't tell you about the tpx, but the t8.1 is pretty good, as long as you take care of it (which there isn't much to take care of) then you're good)
Magazine Capacity
T8.1 has an 8 round mag, the tpx has an 8 and 7 round mag (7 round is a tru-feed mag which doesn't break balls, while apparently the older 8 round mag breaks balls. In other words, it's either 8 rounds for the t8.1 or 7 rounds for the tpx.
Feel in the Hands
That is totally up to you. Some people think the t8.1 is too big, some people don't like the plastic feel of the tpx.
Defininition? If you mean shooting against another person, the t8.1 has the tpx beat over that due to 1 more in the mag as well as first strike rounds. (look up first strike rounds for more info)
They are both very versitile, the tpx is maybe slightly more due to the smaller size, and the mag is smaller due to the co2 being in the gun, not the mag.
Overall Convience
Price of gun and Price of Magazines
They're fairly the same, I believe the t8.1 mags are more expensive, if I'm not mistaken, since the t8.1 mag is a bigger build including holding paintballs, holding co2, 2 different springs for paintballs and first strike rounds, and the material it's made out of over the tpx. Pretty much indestructible, haha.
Comments in red.

If you want a ton of mags, like 8+, then I'd recommend the tpx because of the weight of the t8.1 mags, especially the t8 mags. I honestly haven't tried the tpx though, only seen it, which is why I mainly comment on the t8.1.
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I have to weigh in on this. I love my t8 (size is an issue for many that try it though so check that first). My one and only modification that has stuck is the extended mags from spec ops. Instead of 8 I now have 17 shots. I play mostly short games and shot paint like it is made of gold so I load one extended mag and carry one extended mag and am good for up to a thirty minute game. If you are going to be like some pistol players who shoot several clips this would be a horrible option for you. If you are a precise player and work well with team mates you might like the extended mag option. In my opinion the spray and pray tactic used with a pistol as primary makes no sense. Just get a standard semi or electro.
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im sorry, please don't infer any type of tone, I just want to be clear about my remarks/opinion

Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
With a TPX you have the additional time of loading co2.
... To get the advantage of the co2 in the T8 mag you must reload paint into each mag twice on the field instead of slapping in yet another mag!
This is exactly why I asked what format he would be playing.
In a 20-30 minute game, 6 tac8 mags worth of paint is way more than enough paint for one game. And you won't be changing any 12 grams. Then, for normal rec play, when you swap sides, you add some paint from a couple 10 round tubes into the freshly emptied mags and you are set for another 20-30 minute game.
After the second game, then you get that 10-15 minute break in between fields, you reload 12grams and paint, and grab some water.

The point of this setup, is to never reload paint or air IN a game.

Now change the game type, like what you prefer to play AgentSmith, and I would totally be linking the OP to one of your setup threads.
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Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
This is exactly why I asked what format he would be playing.
In a 20-30 minute game, 6 tac8 mags worth of paint is way more than enough paint for one game. And you won't be changing any 12 grams. Then, for normal rec play, when you swap sides, you add some paint from a couple 10 round tubes into the freshly emptied mags and you are set for another 20-30 minute game.
After the second game, then you get that 10-15 minute break in between fields, you reload 12grams and paint, and grab some water.

The point of this setup, is to never reload paint or air IN a game.
Your logic is sound. I LOVE the way my T8 shoots, but I held back and missed the cheap mags deal through pepperball. So mags are still cost prohibitive for me, and despite my love for how it hits everything I shoot at I hate the girth of the grip. I can't quite accept it but I tolerate it.

That said, I've been looking for the right deal on a TPX for some time. I know they both do their intended job very well. Neither deserves the hate they seem to attract. They are both great pistols. Everyone should be happy that they have taken off like they have.

The more options a pistol player has the more everyone wins! I hope the trend continues.
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Setting aside fit and personal preference we can all agree on a few points regarding the TPX and Tib.

Both markers are roughly equivalent spool valve designs spring fed with removable magazines.

TPX is lighter
TPX mags are much lighter
TPX mags are cheaper
TPX has gas supply on marker

T8 has superior quality of materials and construction.
T8 mags share the above trait
T8 has gas in each mag

At the end of the day whichever fits your hand best is probably the right pistol for you.

You can quarrel about the rest but these are the facts.
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Im probably the roughest player with my "T8.05"s... Why? Simply because the structure was built to last.. You buy a Tiberius pistol once and that is it!
Beat them like a red headed step child, and it ll still love you like a fat kid loves cake (an original chicago quote)

So any time someone says they're heavier look at it as a Quality advantage- especially the magazines.. They eject instantly slam the ground to instantly have a fresh load of co2 (no damage to the mag whatsoever).

When I become rich, I'll do a review and throw both pistols and mags across the room as hard as I can.. and see which pair makes it

And seriously.. Weight difference, we're talking Ounces here, to become more detailed in fact, the weight distribution seems to be better counter-balanced on the tiberius pistols over the rear of your palm-


Picture this...
2 people equipped 1 with each and 3 mags...
Tpx user expends 2.5 mags
Tiberius user expends 3 mags,

A. Who shoots more paint?
Tiberius user; Shoots 27 @ max, considering the 8 +1 in the chamber
B. Who does more work?
Tpx user; shoots anywhere from 14-21 shots (+1 in the chamber doesn't work) and must reload co2, While holding on to the twist knob.


Tiberius & Tpx naturally hold their own out the box
Yet for the t8.1s $199 with first strike compatibilities
Vs the Tpx $219 without first strike-
Naturally Tiberius advances-


TPX has the remote option out the box
Tiberius states> coming soon. Along with airless mags..
That will decrease the thin weight margin :O
Honestly, ...pistol on a line.. One chooses the pistol to maneuver freely and rapidly.... Not restrictively- but to have the option is always great


Tpx : clam shell design with a required: stage 5 master clock smith certification (hahaha) no joke it ain't easy!
Tiberius: 2 size allen keys and oil for a standard clean out

You have any questions with your tiberius marker drop me a message & Ive got you covered -

Everyone looking for a pistol ends up choosing, I just choose wisely for versatility and durability.

My best regards enjoy your pistol when it arrives,

The Midnight Angel

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Midnight, you're right about the relationship of weight to quality in this context but I don't think your testing methodology is going to bear the fruit you expect. Since Mass x Velocity = force I expect you'll break the Tiberius before the TPX in the "across the room as hard as I can" test. Unless of course you aim between the studs in which case you'll just need to do some plaster work.

Regarding Airless mags and remote lines Tiberius is a day late and a dollar short. You can't compare vaporware to available products. In addition the lack of compatibility with legacy platforms(T8 T9) makes the remote line and airless mags useless to the faithful. A banjo fitting that replaced the air nipple might have been tempting but If I want something like that I'll have to home brew it.

We're in total agreement regarding the convenience of air-in-mag vs on the gun. The same argument agentSmith is making for TPX regarding not reloading paint on the field applies to gas for the Tib(you can't have it both ways). Personally I find it easier to dump a tube into a T8 mag than to swap a 12gram on a TPX.
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