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SuperG91 03-13-2011 05:43 PM

Rap4 T-68 Pistol. Is it good?
I'm looking at a Rap4 pistol for my buddy, and he wants to know how reliable it is and what it's worth.

T68 Paintball Pistol

I don't know what generation it is. Could this be a problem?

Orpackrat 03-13-2011 06:56 PM

Its basically the same as all other spyder based pistols. Big and Heavy. RAP4 does have some nice accessories for it though.

You could find him a zeus/overlord that will be about the same, it would be cheaper too.

SuperG91 03-13-2011 09:25 PM

Ok, but how Reliable is it? I'm just worried cause I've heard a lot about "Crap4" products.

Orpackrat 03-13-2011 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by SuperG91 (Post 1735189)
Ok, but how Reliable is it? I'm just worried cause I've heard a lot about "Crap4" products.

Just supply it with paint, Co2, a little oil, and it will be just fine. Keep it clean, well maintained, and it will serve you well.

I had one of these, ended up trading it off, now I'm going back toward pumps and pistols so I have been picking up various pistols. Besides some such as the TPX, Tac8, etc, the rest are essentially the same design, a stacked tube blow back. They work just fine with proper maintenance. Some may work a little better that others (like piercing 12 grams) but they are still about the same.

Personally, I never had a problem with 12 grams in that pistol. Its really not to bad but then again, it is Heavy. The only design flaw I had was that the cocking knob is protected and makes it a little harder to cock the gun.

I picked of a Zeus, it solves the cocking problem and is a decent pistol, depending on how you shoot, you can get about 20 shots per 12 gram. I have 2 tubes for it and 4 tubes from a PT extreme as they fit it as well.

Not a bad pistol but due to the weight and size, I would be more likely to use it as a primary than a sidearm.

biteweasel 03-20-2011 03:32 PM

Used mine at my local field yesterday ,only second time I used it but I like this pistol.

The first time I ran it was at a large rental place and they set it up with on HPA. I got the hitman package which comes with the extended barrel and 20round mag, and it looked good, but this pistol had a hard time firing straight, reloading was a pain with the HPA tank stuck off the back, and that day left me quite diappointed.

So when I came to use it yesterday minus the barrel & hpa tank &running off 12grams and still with the 20 round mag, it shot and played beutifully.

It shot almost perfectly straight, I could reload easily (using two 10 round tubes taped together), and was getting on average 24 - 26 shots per 12.
two of the 12grams didnot seal properly but I still managed to get 20 good shots off despite leaking co2!

All in all for the price this pistol is very good and I am very please with it.

I'm planning on modding my 20round mag agent smith style so paint reloads are faster.

Its definately worth a look if you are on a budget. As for build quality I honestly could not find anything cheap about this pistol. Its not a perfect design but I can't see myself upgrading to a tac8 or TPX anytime soon.

R_Os 03-20-2011 03:47 PM

Just make sure you try at least a full 12ie through it. Try to gauge how fast it shoots and check to see how far the velocity adjuster is screwed in. If its all the way in and shoots low you will need to take it apart. Might get lucky and just clean and lube to fix it, but finding parts for some of these old stbb pistols is getting sketchy (especially for overlords).

agentSmith 03-22-2011 12:32 PM

Actually that's one the things I like about the T68 over some of the other blowback pistols like this, RAP4 has a full parts listing that can be ordered from the website.
The Gen2 T68 and later have a REALLY nice pierce pin block, which outperforms anything else that comes standard except the Phantom pierce pins, of course. This part is only $6 and I've seen it fit on Delta68s, PTXs also, apparently the threads in the pierce pin block are pretty universal as the tube is sized to the hammer and valve. It has a steel pin cast right into the block, then a phantom style face seal like a washer just jams in over it.

The zeus based pistols have a different style block, but that one can be modded for phantom pins easily.

Happy Hunting!

PistolRogue 03-24-2011 07:34 AM

Smith, what did you need to mod to use CCI pins? I have a G1, and two G2's and none of them needed anything done to fit the CCI pins- they just screwed right in like stock. Mine are all Armotech ones but I didn't think that would make a difference.

agentSmith 03-24-2011 08:58 AM

It does, when they switched from armotech to warsensor they went all metric sizes. Canadians, they're so cute! Running a 1/4-28 tap through the metric pierce pin block will convert it.

The Armotechs were 1/4-28 thread in the pierce pin block and ASA threads on the co2 plug. This let you use phantom pins and cheap ASA plugs, instead of trying to find an expensive branded replacement.
Can't have that!:ROTFL:

EDIT: another important point, later warsensors use a larger diameter mainspring, which will not fit in Armos, cores or even early warsensors. BUYPBL in canada is the distributor of warsensor pistols and BUYPBLUSA in new york is their outlet in the states. Even though their websites SHOW no warsensor parts, I have been able to call them on THE PHONE and get parts like mainsprings, co2 plugs, etc. IF you're clear you have an armotech and need the older parts they MAY be able to help you, I'm not sure.


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