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If you don't intend on shooting longer distances, I would recommend the Kingmann Chaser. You can get about 6-7 mags per 12 gram and they work great when used with Nelson .43 paint.
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Originally Posted by Orpackrat View Post
If you don't intend on shooting longer distances, I would recommend the Kingmann Chaser. You can get about 6-7 mags per 12 gram and they work great when used with Nelson .43 paint.
yea, but i often play at fpo places(i was toying with a rap4 .43 as its made by a pellet gun company and cRAP4 branded) so i can't get .43 cal balls if when im at the event im going to this weekend i see a cheep .43 ill try it maybes
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So long as its under 18 and over 8 I dont care what it is really...
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Oh boy...I love wood!
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well - just like my sex life, I have taken matters into my own hands:
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On the Kingman note. I've been playing around with an Eraser in the back. Got it new when Rockstar had a $90 sale on them.

I think it's a great addition to my collection of pistols, and something I will use when running outlaw/renegade games. But the .43 cal is at a major disadvantage with regards to range. The Eraser also can't get the FPS very high. The disadvantages are a perfect handicap for me when playing against friends on private land. But a little too frustrating in the open play games at my local BYO paint field.

On the size/weight side of things it's effectively just as heavy as my 8s and not significantly smaller. A Chaser would have likely been lighter and is about 0.5" smaller.

The disappointing / catch 22 thing is that while I think it would be great for indoor play at lower velocities. But I've never seen an indoor facility that wasn't FPO or reball. So .43 is out.

[QUOTE=Orpackrat;1804112]If you don't intend on shooting longer distances, I would recommend the Kingmann Chaser. You can get about 6-7 mags per 12 gram and they work great when used with Nelson .43 paint.[/QUOTE

You have any links to the Nelson paint?

So far I've only tried the RAP4 and Kingman .43 cal paint.
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Originally Posted by VooDooAddict View Post

You have any links to the Nelson paint?

So far I've only tried the RAP4 and Kingman .43 cal paint.

The RAP4 paint in my experience is far too hard. The Kingmann always breaks in the mags, Nelson .43 paintballs are a great mix, nice and hard. They don't break in the mags or barrel but break on target. They hold up rather well to wet environments.

I don't have any links as my local shop gets it. This is their site:

Extreme Velocity Free Shipping on Spyder Paintball, Tactical Tippmann

Call them and ask to see if they will ship some. It is sold in bags of 500 for $8 to $9 I think.

.43 has a disadvantage when it comes to range but at my field, we have a lot of CQB and its a BYOP field. Those 2 things make it a great pistol at my field.
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now that isn't even a question with 2 3357's you will win every time...

seriously though i'd say its a personal choice, if you have lots o' cash i'd say t8's would be the best, fs capable, reverse release, super smooth trigger,etc. but tpx has much cheaper mags... anyways its up to you to choose.
(personally i'd say t8's, cheaper doesn't mean better...)
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its whichever pistol feels right in your hands and your expense account. yes i know im horrible, i run with acp 2.0 and overlord rx as my dual setup. but i enjoy the fun and ill eventually learn how to get kills with it hahaha.
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Originally Posted by slingshotted View Post
If you do this TPX/T8 combo, how will you carry mags and how much would you carry per game? and the best question, how will you not mix which mag to which?
He could keep all the mags for one on one side and all the mags for the other on the other side. I would personally put them on the side with the opposite pistol, so when i have the t8 in my left i would have have the mags for it easily accessible by my right hand, and vice versa.

I was actually thinking the other day about getting a tpx or t8 to supplement my delta .68 with. Being as I like the weight and feel of my delta more than either, and it feels like crap when holstered anyway, I would just it as a primary like i always have and pull the tpx/t8.1 when it would otherwise be poor timing to reload, and being as i have a tube harness for the delta .68 they wouldn't interfere with each other when it comes to mags.
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Long ago I coined the term Shiney Object Syndrome or SOS for short as a notorious wallet debilitating disease. Nowhere is it so alive as here at MCB.
Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
I'd sell any other possessions, property, children, extra organs or sexual services before I'd sell my paintball gear. Hell, I'd sell other peoples property before I sold my gear
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That's the way I went(though I used zeus types) until the TPX came out, MassDestruction. A sidearm to your Delta would give you a whole new set of options!

I've been carrying strictly dual pistols since 1986, that's all paintball has ever been for me. Cost has never been a factor, I've gotten a few of each semi pistol to work with them as they came out, since the beginning.

The fact is that this question, 'What are the best pistols for dual wielding', has overshadowed everything else in my game for 25 years now. For me the TiPX, with the TruFeed mags is the only way to go.

The functional difference between different hoppered pumps, different mech semis or different electros equals zero. The bottom line with almost all of those is that you pour paint into the top from identical containers and screw the tank in pretty much the same. Compare that to the functional differences between a 3357, a Sydarm and an AFT!
Even the T8 and the TPX, both blowforward, mag fed pistols have wildly different requirements and timing in play.

When someone decides 'Im going speedball' or 'I'm gonna play pump', they have examples to follow-going to a single tourney or pump event can give you a great base to start from in each case. Pistols don't have this, a person has to start from scratch, on secondhand info or none. Because of this a years long process of elimination is required for pistols, that has already been done for the speedballer or pumper, they have it EASY.

Because I play at a huge field, against all comers:

I've got to carry the best I can get or get rolled. I've got to be able to stand in a snapshooting battle against multiple players with semis long enough to eliminate them all and then reload. If there was a $3000 custom semi pistol that worked better than my tuned TPXs do for me, I would carry 2 on my belt and have a 3rd for a spare. There isn't such a pistol.

When I searched for that pic of the HS monster game, I got 2 funny shots of MCBer and DamageInc force of nature, Conan, that give a good idea of the big games at Hell Suvivors:



For me to really explain why I choose the TPX would require me to write a biography of 25 years worth of steady play, an analysis of the underlying concepts that have brought me what success I've had and another book on the many dead ends, red herrings and wrong turnings I've suffered. Lastly, a rundown from my logbook on the 250+ cases I've shot in play and the pistols I shot them through.
Noone would read it all, even if I were willing to write it all, so from now on I say it like this:

I play nearly every week, I always play dual pistol and I always play to win, based on my experience the TPXs are the best choice. So I wear a pair of them and have given away or sold all my other pistols.

The highest recommendation I can give a pistol, since how much fun I have rests on how good it is, is to carry it.

Plenty of good pistol players disagree with me, I'm fine with that too. Someday they will see the light
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personal preference , personal preference & personal preference

Since your lucky enough to have the pleasure of rocking each you will definitely finalize the decision after experience

Keep us posted
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best statements made above 2 posters. choose which feels best to you and rock'em like no other. it may take days/weeks of playing but you enjoy it the same. I would love to hear what your choices are.
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