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best pistol for dual wielding

as the title suggests id like to get mcb's view on the best dual wielding.
im up in the air between the 8.1(i have one already) the tpx(cheep and mags are super cheep) and the sa-17(cheep, and uses 10 round tubes so mags are stupidly cheep). or possably one of the jabb clones my local shop sells(99gbp each so cheeper than the sa-17 but 30 gbp) and again 10 round tube feed.
what is mcb's view(also this may well influance my next gun/guns)
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So long as its under 18 and over 8 I dont care what it is really...
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Even though I don't have one at this time, I think the TPX has the edge. It's weight/balance seems better, and the mags weigh considerably less as well. Zeus's are just too big, for me the carry and the reload of one is simple, but I found reloading two needed more hands, and usually the ground to make it happen.
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You will -hate- reloading 2 SA-17s, i can tell you that right now.

I wrote a review on the SA-17 in MCB Reviews it.... You can't really make the feed ambidextrous, not easily at least.
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I have a TPX and love it, however, I think the edge goes to the T8, simply because you only have to swat out mags, whereas the TPX you have to swap out mags and air.

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Personally I'm kinda partial to the RAP4 Desert Eagle...Yes I know RAP4 has a bad reputation but,I did some research on their pistols...the newest ones are actually made by pellet gun manufacturer UMAREX and really are decent guns.The one I have gets close to 60 rounds on one 12g and the .43 cal rounds fly suprisingly well.Only drawback I've found is depending on the paint,the shot may not break on the target unless you hit a harder area
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Originally Posted by SuperG91 View Post
I have a TPX and love it, however, I think the edge goes to the T8, simply because you only have to swat out mags, whereas the TPX you have to swap out mags and air.
I disagree. To hold say around 50 rounds in pre loaded mags.. you would have well over twice the weight in tac8 mags compared to tpx mags. Also I can get through 3 mags on 1 12 gram in my tpx so having to swap the 12grams I can see being a pain however if you play intelligently you would always have at least one gun ready to shoot while you swap the 12 gram in the other.

That said its really potatoes to potatoes comparisons. Each has its own pitfalls and you need to decide whats best for you. Personally I would take dual TPX pistols over dual Tac8 pistols any day however its completely understandable why other people would take the other route. As for the BT pistol.. the answer is no and you should slap your hands for considering it =P
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I'll be munching on this box for months!
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you want some real cool points go with dual squalls.
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I'm not sure this can even have a sensible answer unless the more basic question is answered:

What exactly is it you are trying to accomplish with dual pistols?
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There are some legitimate uses for dual-wield when it comes to paintball pistols. Look at MidnightAngel's vids with his dual Tac8's. I think it's probably smartest to use the offhand pistol only when you've exhausted the mag from the dominant hand's gun and are still in a position where it's not safe to reload, you have a whole extra mag ready to go in another gun.

On the other hand you can always try the John Woo style dual-wield choreographed fight scenes but I don't think that'll work out so well.

I'd agree I think TPX is best suited for this. Even with top-loading mods to a Zeus or SA17 it's just too much bulk and not enough available hands to reload at all quickly, you'd have to holster or put down one gun while you reload the other whereas it IS at least possible, though not necessarily pretty, to drop a mag and reload a TPX while you have the other gun still in your hand. T8 might work too but for weight reasons alone I'd say TPX.
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T8.1's, I've used almost all semi paintball pistols, dual welded half of what I've used, and the decision ended with T8.1's
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