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3357 is breaking paint...!&$((&&)()

Hey guys, when I shooting my 3357 it chops atleast one paintball per cylinder, I bought a case of formula 13, and they're all dimpled, got some gi milsims, they're a little old ( couple months) worked and now they started to chop madly! So I ask you MCB is there any tricks to prevent breakage( placement of the seam of the ball in cylinder, etc...) and yes the cylinders index perfectly, there's only paint in the barrel and for info purposes it's got a stainless steel barrel machined to .50, and no the paint is not underbored, also tried the stock barrel but ended up with worst results... Heeelllppp!!! Anyways thanks in advance...
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Try Pm'ing AgentSmith, i think i remember him saying he used to run 3357's so he may be able to help
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Hmmm, that's a toughie without seeing it in person.

Do you have the 'fin' type detents inside the cylinder or the rubber ring around the center post?

Did you get a good 'funnel' at the end of the barrel where it meets the cylinder face? In replacing my barrels with brass this gave me trouble until I ordered 50 cal flexhones. A fine and a pretty coarse grit. By abusing the coarse one greatly I got a good smooth funnel then was able to put a fine plateued finish on the rest of the barrel with the fine grit. I gave them away long ago I'm afraid!


We'll get it!

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I have seen the rubber detents, especially those that sat long enough to really dry out, that then got paint on them swell up a bit, or even start to rot in such a way that they get rough where the ball goes.
You can test it by removing the detent from a cylinder and firing it straight up into the air(assuming you have a safe place to do this, otherwise the underside of a table would work).

It's been a decade or so since the last time I did it, but I always made my own rubber detents.
I took rubber 'rod' like this: McMaster-Carr and found a piece of pipe that was as tight inside as I could get. Then I cut a slot the whole length of the pipe(4" maybe?) with a cutoff wheel on a grinder. I smoothed it back out inside so I could put the rubber piece back in, then clamped it in a vise. I was able to use a brand new drill bit(must be sharp!) in a hand drill to drill a hole through the center. Then I took it back out of the pipe and sliced it like pepperoni until I had a bunch.

I hope that makes sense! If you want you can push the end of the rubber piece out of the end of the pipe a few MMs and use a razor to cut a bevel, the push it out the right amount and guillotine it off with the razor blade. The beveled side goes toward the muzzle.

Hope that helps, if not we'll keep pecking away at it!
We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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I did this with a piece of delrin stock turned down and an appropriately sized o-ring;

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