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Zeus hammer/striker

Would anyone know if there is a compatable hammer/striker made, other than one from the zeus line? I have aquired a parts zeus and just need a hammer.

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If they just so happen to use a gameface Bone daddy hammer(They appear to use the same rear velocity adjuster, so I wonder, but dont have my Zeus yet.) I have one I can throw your way.
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The hammer seems to fit a 5/8 ths breech, this is embarrasing, I've never seen or heard of a bone daddy. I'm not sure if it would fit.
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I've got two Zeuses but I honestly have no idea which hammer would be compatible. My the gameface bone daddy is a good notion though. I have never seen a bone daddy hammer to confirm this, however. A good deal of components on a Zeus are compatible with spyder clones. The bolt is the main difference in the operating mechanism.
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