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Luckless 05-13-2011 10:21 AM

Suggestion: Series of Pro-Con threads on single markers
To keep this suggestion from being buried in another thread, I thought I would post this up here where it is a little more visible.

I would have simply started a few of these threads myself, but I only have a few minutes this morning, and I figured getting more community feedback on the idea would be nice.

It seems that there is a theory that goes along the lines of that two letters, V and S, bring out the worst in some people, and feed their desire to prove others 'wrong', no matter how much they ignore things like logic, sound reasoning, and what the other person actually said.

So, to avoid that, I suggest that we start a series of threads on different markers to have clear discussions about what they feature, how it affects the kind of things you can do with it, and under what situations it can become a drawback.

In these threads there should be No mention of other markers, beyond the most general reference to how some task is accomplished in other styles of markers.

An example would be discussing the Tiberius T8.1's gas-in-magazine system. You can talk about how offers the potential advantage of allowing you to swap out your gas early when it is in your favour to do so, and have fresh cartridges on every mag change you do. This would enable you faster mag changes if you carry a large number as it would not require an additional operation in the middle of a fire fight to swap out the CO2. At the same time it is a potential major disadvantage if find yourself having blown through all your air and paint while in a fire fight.

Do people think that taking the effort to work on detailed write ups on different markers would be worth it? Would other people be interested in helping and doing other markers? I have mostly used the Tiberius and have a few games and bit of maintenance experience with the TPX, but that is it for pistols.

Would people be able to stick to the series rule of no direct comparisons?

artguy63 05-13-2011 11:47 AM

i think that these types of threads would probably be better off as maybe a sticky or something for all the technical/maintenance/etc on the marker, but people will probably always want comparison threads instead of having to read through 2 or more threads themselves.

KoolKat 05-13-2011 11:56 AM


Originally Posted by Luckless (Post 1830049)
Would people be able to stick to the series rule of no direct comparisons?

The quick answer is NO. People will write opinions which is based on experience. They will inevitably bring into play a benchmark for what is good or bad in their opinion and thus likely bring into the conversation another product.

I still think that its a worth while venture but don't be surprised if people veer of the original topic. Post up in the appropriate armory section where things can be easily found.

Luckless 05-13-2011 01:55 PM

Any mods who might be willing to help support this kind of project and put something behind the series's rule of each thread is about one marker, and one marker only? (Barring groupings like the T8, T8.1, T9, T9.1)

Being able to have posts breaking the rules simply get deleted would really help people stay on track.

I wonder what would be the best way to organize something like this?
Initial discussion threads for a few weeks or months, then have a volunteer sift through them and start a new thread with a clear detailed summary to kick off a new round? (Then have a sticky in this sub-forum that is kept up to date with links to each marker)

Nightstar 05-13-2011 02:44 PM

I think something like what you propose falls under the mandate of MCB Reviews it.

vs doesn't really bring out the worst in people it just illustrates the differences between like and unlike. Emotional response in lieu of rationality is the cause of our problems, and given the demographic for paintball I expect a lot of emotional arguments.

There are people who have blind allegiance. You won't persuade them of anything that flies in the face of such faith, such is the way of the zealot.

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