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Tipx rig question

I have been looking around for a decent molle rig for two tipx pistols I have been looking at the molle belts but haven't found any that have caught my eye yet any suggestions would be awesome I'm looking to have a few open top pouches for quick draw and a few close top for when I'm not under fire I'm not looking to spend a fortune on it but I don't want it to fall apart either any suggestions would be great
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just looking for something to hold mags or do you want some holsters for the pistols too?

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I'm looking for the rig itself molle belt or something similar and good open top mag pouches and some close top pouches mostly. Gun holsters aren't realy a concern since they will be drawn most of the game
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Many pistoleros have purchased this from me. It's very light and compact: Modular Chest Rig: *MCR3

There is also the MCR4 which is pretty much the exact same thing only wraps around your waist more: OPS Chest Rig: *MCR4
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Where do you want the reloads to be? Hard to recommend without knowing a tad bit more.

Do you like tight belts around your waist like a lifting belt?

Do you prefer a belt lower, where regular pant's belts are?
Do you have enough of a butt to hold the weight or will you need suspenders?

Do you like stuff strapped to your legs?

Do you like things snug or loosey goosey to go with baggy bounce friendly clothes?

Do you like chest rigs or bandoleers?

You can carry reloads on your forearms with sc guantlets. Do you like stuff on your arms?

I suggest also to check out MOLLE PALS Vests and Platforms if nothing else but to check out a variety of gear holding styles and placements. Think about how you run/dodge/crawl/sweat/slide/roll/flop/pee and dodge.
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Dundadun's questions will help us zero in on what to recommend.

For myself I prefer a lighter stiff duty belt, not the wider molle platform belts for the coolness factor(by that I mean temperatures!). I use the $13 UTG pistol belt that usually comes with 2 mag pouches on it. It's as good as belts costing 10 times as much, though the horizontal mag pouches are just silly...

I use molle pouches but put them on the belt using 'Malice Clips', there are other ways to attach as well.

As for mag pouches there's one big question. Do you want to put the mags back in the pouches as you go or are you going to use a dump pouch?

If you want to return empty mags to their pouches I would recommend the excellent WTF pouches or the Tuff Products mag holders, These are tight packages that give you almost as many mags as you can get per inch of rig.

If like me you use a dump pouch, then the Emdom 6o4 and 3o2 pouches blow everything else away, IMO. The most mags per inch, the most secure, the very finest materials. The only problem I've found with them is that the elastic is so beefy, that I stil have to store the mags in them off field to keep them stretched enough to be comfy 3 years after I bought them... That's just sick.
It's funny that I haven't seen more folks trying them, I've been swearing by them since 09. The 6o4 will hold 4 tipx mags, it's just 2 3o2s together, at $30 for the 6o4 and $20 for the 3o2, they're a good deal.

6o4 Multi Pistol Mag Pouch

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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
I use the $13 UTG pistol belt that usually comes with 2 mag pouches on it. It's as good as belts costing 10 times as much, though the horizontal mag pouches are just silly...
I thought you were using a regular belt through your pant's belt loops and just attached your pouches directly to that? Or did you make another switch recently? Or do you have some seriously wide belt loops on those crazy cargo pants of yours?

Anyway, I use the same style belt that Smith is talking about, though I haven't run anything magfed in years (sticking to tubes, myself...). Holds plenty of pouches, keeps things in place (those big padded belt things tend to wiggle and mush around, was never a fan), and is easy as pie to unbuckle and drop when you get back to camp of if you're going to make a crazy suicide run at a flag or something (did this numerous times at Living Legends this year).

I prefer the belt to chest rigs or vest because being a sneaky pistolero generally means you're getting well acquainted with the lower altitudes; meaning, you spend a lot of time on your belly crawling, which gets tedious when you have 2-4 inches of mags sticking off of your chest/abdomen area.
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I like the idea of just the belt to cut on weight the 604s look just like what I have been trying to find do you use the long or short malice clips?
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