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Ideal Pistol

Just a thought I had that might make a good discussion

If you could build a pistol rig out of any currently existing parts (soft goods, pistols, barrels, mags, tubes, etc), regardless of cost or rarity, what would you create?

What would you avoid? Why?

How close are you to creating your ideal pistol and rig? How much have you invested in it thus far?

And GO!

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I have gone through several TPX's, TiPX's, T8's, T9's, T9.1, Sydarms, Phantoms, you name it. I finally settled on a T8.1 with the remote adapter (for now).

I am pretty close to the ideal gun for me;

Remote Adapter
Killjoy Index Release
Killjoy Trigger
Killjoy Comp
Lapco Str8shot .686 Barrel w/thread Protector tip
5 Modified .1 mags for index release
Ninja 13ci Tank
Rap4 5oz Co2 Tank (same size as 13ci)(for outlaw)
Ninja Remote-Line

I need;

Bolt and powertube polish
Grip window mod
Fiber Optic Sights

I have tried as many rigs as guns. Old and new P3's, leg hosters, L.E. Belts, Full Vest, and finally settled on a Chest Rig. All parts havent arrived yet but it has (4) Milsig FazMag T8.1 mag holders, (2) WTFPB Pursuit Pod Pouches, (2) Tiberius Specific Pursuit Pods, (1) Kanuck Custom Creations molle 13ci bottle holder, a couple of Grimloc D-rings and a Full Clip Leg Holster.

The only thing I would avoid is 10rd tubes because I hate filling them and soft mag pouches because they release the balls inside.

I guess once everything is put together, it would be my ideal pistol rig. As for how much spent on guns and rig configurations; I dont think I want to know

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- Yoda/DW closed bolt mech Ion engine.
- In grip lever changer for 12gram(out the back) or Dukie style bucket changer in grip.
- Adjustable fiber optic sights.
- Cocker threaded breech with RAP4 Lok-Bolt style detent which would double as a top loader port for in grip spring loaded 10 round tube magazine(non removable). Just jam a tube through the top to cock the spring and load balls.
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-------------.50 cal---------------
Now that i have your attention ill give you the breakdown.
My ideal Pistol is something no-one has really tackled yet.
Imagine with me if you will, a zeus scaled for 50 cal. now get rid of the lower tube ad replace it with a super skinny spool valve. i dont know that anyone has made a pure mech stacked tube spool valve. Next put the 12 gram charger in the grip frame like a Duckslide. the mag on top should be attached solidly(not with spring loaded pins) and have a feed port in back instead of a plug, so you just slide follower forward shove a tube in, dump, pull and release follower. it should be skinnier than a zeus and a whole lot lighter but just as long, giving it a larger cappacity like 15 rounds and being 50 cal should get over 50 shots from a 12g.
if i had free run of a machine shop and the time to learn to use everything i think i could build it but that is a long way off. i have used 50 cal and the loss of range is nothing when you play as far forward as i do, and as i assume many pistol players do.
since i dont have a maching shop at my disposal what i would like to try for a pistol is get a Spyder opus, give it a single trigger frame, a bucket charger in place of the expantion chamber( it is asa thread) and build a spring feed tube the same length as the barrel with a feed port, should be close to 20 round capacity, and get well over 50 shots per 12g. And for longer engagements just swap it for a 13CI ninja tank.
well what do you think. how doable is it. it'll probibly never happen but that is my dream pistol. all that and a mechanical 3 round burst( i do not care for E-triggers)
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Start off with something similar to a T8.1

- cocker threaded barrel
- fixxxer index mag release/trigger
- airless 10 round magazines
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