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Seriously, keep it.

Originally Posted by Gascolator View Post
DashHopes has a nelspot that has internals that were polished by Chuck Norris, using only his beard to polish them.
That nelspot never needs lube, shoots 2,000 ball per second, never needs reloaded, doesn't require an air source and when the paintball hits somebody the result is the same as if Chuck Norris round house kicked them.
He nick named the gun Reggie.
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I would say to find a young player that is just coming into the sport and give him it. It is an absolute beauty!
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Every car lover has his model... The TPXs are mine.
I'll go back if and when the TPXs are proven to cause impotence.... Not even sterility, it'd have to be impotence and pretty immediate at that...

Of course any time you want you can take her for a spin, as long as your girl isn't the jealous type.
I had a PGP2K for a bit that would blow bits of oring out every orifice if I ran her with anything but my P68SC, those Sheridan girls stick together.

Look me up, you are welcome to take her out for a spin anytime!
You paid your way by having the courage to ask! Us Pistoleros gotta stick together.
Just ask for agentSmith or look for Mercenary#14, but I'm Rob to you from now on! I'd be happy to see her go out!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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My Hands Shake
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Thanks Rob I'll be looking forward to using it.
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Nice to see you've got the ol' girl back.

As for suggestions, why not hang on to it for the purpose of teaching others? You could have it in your gearbag or whatnot, and when you find somebody enthusiastically wanting to try pistol play for themselves you can just reach in and say "Try this". I can't think of a better person to teach new upstarts than your good self.

It's what I do with my splatmaster, and it always feels nice to have that same person come back and say what a great time they had with it. Some of them even go right out to buy themselves a TiPX or similar!

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Originally Posted by markcheb View Post
Despite their proximity, the Wolfman from Leeds is not related to any werewolf in London, but he is first cousins with the Northern Mi dogman.
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Well... I DO have 6 TiPXs for that Wolfman.
All have the 2 or 3 cases through them it takes to break them in, except the 2 new ones I'll be wearing.

My concern is the effect a player's marker has on their play. I went through ALOT of pistols before I ran with a zeus and I'm better off for that.

It's a great pistol to take out for a spin to try out pistol play. For a fully experienced paintballer like TrueBlue it's a great choice. For someone already committed to pistol play like fidget it can be a cool contrast.

For someone with less experience dealing with 10rd tubes, 12g changes AND general paintball it can be a little much all at once.

A TiPX works just like a regular pistol except the 12ie, even most youngsters that have never fired a firearm, have watched magazine changes displayed in the lower center of their monitor enough to need no training whatsoever.

You have to live long enough to learn!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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All nail Drum!
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Originally Posted by Manning View Post
I'd be inclined to keep it for the memories. This one might be worth a spot on your wall.
this. shadowbox and hang it.
I am Susan. I just got out of Prison. My idea of a perfect date: First I will push you to the ground and force you to drink anti-freeze until you pass out. Then I will pee on your chest chanting "House on Fire, House on Fire! Put it out! Put it out!" The you will wake up in the morning with a size 9 poop chute.
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its a great looking marker, I would put it in my gear bag and one day the right kid will be at the field and then it will have a new home.
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I'll put a TiPX on his hip instead!

In a lighthearted way I find myself philosophically opposed to the idea. Each thing has it's little tao. Go against the tao and wither is the rule. She's important to me, but as I closed the shadowbox she would be as important as she was ever going to get and she'd be a tiny bit less important every day after that!

I have it! Approved by a majority vote among my personalities!

Fidget you'll have to borrow it from TrueBlue! I'm going to give her a mod so horrifying I shudder to type it.... the one thing that could turn my little baby into a slavering war machine with blood in her eyes, gore on her claws and veins in her teeth! TrueBlue's the guy to carry her. Whether he decides to pass her along after that is up to him, I have faith in his judgement.

I have an underbarrel mounted magazine well for the umarex mags that are like a T8 mag, but with 2 12grams together with a check valve. I'll put this on TrueBlue's new G2, piped to a Palmer Direct stabilizer I'll plant in the co2 well.

60 regulated shots through fully honed hotness before a co2 magazine change.

Co2 mags are $20.

To paraphrase the movies THERE WILL BE BLOODredfill.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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all work
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WB Smith. I didn't think we'd hear from you again.
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