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I really like this home brew mod. Looks like I have something else to do this summer since I won't be playing, at least I can get good at practicing. I still need a rig but that can come later.
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Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Clever! Me likey!

Dammit... Zetamags, magnet mods... Where was all this stuff when I still had a TPX in hand?
One way to fix that problem....
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Sorry for Necroing this thread but I had something to add that has come up a few times.

When I contacted Smiley to make the extended magnetic plugs I had fully tested the idea out. Both the magnet with this mod and the extension of the plug by another method.

They way I tested whether I wanted a longer plug was simply by putting a 3/8th-16 set screw partway into the plug, putting a 3/8ths star washer on, then I screwed on one of these:

This is a coupling for threaded rod and it's threaded all the way through.
I just tried it enough to know I liked it and put it back in my garage stuff, but if you wanted to, you could drill the center hole out as wide as possible except for enough threads to connect it, this would cut the weight.
The same part is probably available in aluminum somewhere too!

I'm certain there are much less expensive places to get this same part, but the descriptions and sizing are all listed on MCC


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