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This is me wondering of it even remotely possible to twirl any of the paintball pistols out there. Has anyone out there been able to accomplish this or have any knowledge of the skill? I've tried with my TPX (with the safety on) without accomplishing much other than a sore finger.

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I got pretty good with both my 3357 and my AGA62, I can play around a little bit with my PMI1 too.

I wouldn't even try with a TPX.
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I can do it with my Mark V50 Paintball Revolvers, they are very evenly balanced front to rear.

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When I had a Zeus, I learned to only do it spinning them down/forward. Otherwise, the tip of the trigger would dig into my finger and try to twist it right off.
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I can spin my T8.1's fairly well.

This guy has it going
Paintball Gunslinger - YouTube
There is a second video (not viewable on a phone) where he is dressed like Ocelot from the Metal Gear series.
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