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Ah, so the grips slide back? Clever, wouldn't have thought of that. What is the trigger pull like?

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dual action, so its not to bad at first but gets heavy after a while.
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Looks like another plastic JT to add to my pile..appears to be limited stock and four stores near me. I may go grab one this weekend...what FPS is this thing shootin' ?
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Originally Posted by capitalpaintball View Post
A teammate picked one up, took it home and devastated the paint that came with it.
he is real unhappy and will probably return it, but for now, I get to tinker with it.

First thing I noticed was what looked to be detents at the tip of the barrel. I thought this was odd considering the paint doesn't fit the barrel very well and gets stuck. then I realized it was an attempt to do a backspin effect like the Apex. I never shot the gun with the rubber backspin in, so I can not say if it worked or not.

Detents are actual part of the magazines. there is a piece of plastic that blocks the barrel until it starts to slide back

Barrel could have been 2 inches longer.

no velocity control, but I see 2 ways they could have done that.

The "magazine" in the grip is cool, but its not going to make pistol people happy. simply slide the runner down and add balls thru the hole.

The "scope" magazine binds up and the balls wont even roll thru it.

It really doesn't like the balls that came with it but I have a batch of 50cal from my Crosman that are 10 years old that shoot ok.

I will need to shoot some different paints and maybe put the backspin back in.

Attachment 40939

Attachment 40940
pic of the back spin piece I removed.

Attachment 40941
Thanks for your input on the JT US-50!

It appears that he received one of the super early versions. I'd like to get a new version in your hands as they perform much better(no double feeding, smoother scope feeding). Hit me up with a PM.
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Nice job!

Is there any way for potential buyers to identify new/old versions?
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I think this thing is pretty darn cool. However, I'm not sure how I feel about it being sold in walmart, without a goggle system, and looking like a squirt gun.

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Originally Posted by tarakian View Post
Let that be a lesson to all you criminal types. Don't steal old and unique paintball gear. We are the market and we will find you.

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I chrono'ed one today and it was pretty consistent at 184.
I have the apex thingy removed and the spring is shimmed.
worked ok with fresh paint.
problem was, we put it away for a few games and when we shot it again it wouldn't even register over the chrony. it seems something swelled from being gassed up and it wasn't shooting good at all.
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