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SPPL National Pics

PBJunkie has some great pics of the SPPL Nationals at D-Day Park in Oklahoma, including, on this page about halfway down:
SPPL Nationals - Photo Gallery
some nice shots of me reloading my Miltec G2 and defending our base against SOCOM, In one of the pics you can see a pod laying in front of me as I fired the 200 rds I was wearing, the 200 rds in my mule pack(black pack on the ground in some pics) and had to borrow a pod from a teammate and load 10rders from it while he covered me! A great battle with opponents, including their hammer double A-5 coming at me for the whole HOUR! I was eliminated once but noone pulled our flag on me thanks to the cover of my awesome teammates.
We won that game (our first), but moved over to the other field and lost our second two games(To the Second(Cruel) and Fourth(GTF Corps) place finishers, tough Bracket!)
That was some hardcore fun out there, though! I had a blast and was impressed by both the level of sportsmanship and play.
We missed the Smart Corps seminar that was friday, but I heard it was a hoot, with Smart Corps player Darryl Trent showing players in Camo how to work angles and cover bunkers while a short distance away some neon clad speedballers were taking a class in aiming and firing LAW Nerf Launchers. That would have been a trip!

Great fun out there for this old pistol player though!
I nerfed my first opponents this trip, BIG FUN!!!

The Rangers will be back and I will be with them!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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i was always confused by the SPPL ... the rules are just hard to grasp. why would anyone want to limit firepower in the woods?
wow, seriously? leave me the **** alone.
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I gotta run into you someday... being a pistolero myself, I want to shake your hand for competing in a game like that.
Captain of the Camo Bandits Scenario Paintball Team.

"Who Dares, Wins."
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The feeling is mutual Kyle, after the sweet tai chi move you put on that guy with the T68!
I love playing pistol so much I won't do anything else and scored some NICE eliminations in that first game, though on the more open speedball type field of our last 2 games I didn't score as many eliminations(playing against pro speedballers in their own element made me treasure the elims I did score though). My inexperience with the LAW cost me, because if I'd been more comfortable with it, I can see the potential to cover my own advance!
Gotta get me one of those babies.

The ROF stuff is a symptom of the general focus, sportsmanship! That's what the SPPL is about and why the rules are so complex. Teams were withdrawing to give room for their opponents to breakout from the deadbox, loaning each other LAWs and other equipment and generally acting like gentlemen(mostly ). It's what makes a team like ours, with amateurs looking to have fun and play hard, drive all the way to Oklahoma from Michigan.
So the complexity is a must!

Got a peek at the new Smart Parts SP-1 too, they are going to sell a TON of those things at that price!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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