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Apex Tip on the TPX

This is a simple yet effective mod for the TPX that I use all the time. you need 2 things however, a stock x7 or a5 barrel, and an apex adapter from J&J ceramic, which can be found here Barrel Parts | J&J Performance

Step 1- Cut the barrel
With the barrel fully screwed in I cut 1 and 7/8 inch from the end of the tpx

I cut the barrel with a pipe cutter, whatever you use just be sure the end of the barrel is flat.
The cut does not have to be exactly on 1 and 7/8 you have a small amount of room for error.
you can extend it as long as you like however do not go shorter than 1 and 7/8. if you are using 12g you need to go a bit longer
I recommend doing a practice cut on the end of the barrel.

Step 2- Grind the barrel
When you place the Barrel adapter on the end of the barrel mark where the set screw holes are, then grind the marked part of the barrel so the set screws can have a very firm grip on the barrel.
I used one of these:

The barrel should look something like this when your done

Step 3- Put everything together
I normally do everything in this order: barrel in gun, apex tip on adapter, adapter on barrel.
Your Finished product should look something like this:

I put some electrical tape around the adapter because the apex can be a bit wobbly at times when I move it with my hand but when you are shooting it does not move.

Through my testing the apex doesn't decrease the accuracy of the gun, it only adds more range, it also doesn't cause more barrel breaks than normal.

Although it is held on by set screws the apex tip has never come off even when I dropped it, it does put more weight to the front of the gun which the remote line can balance out.

This is a fairly easy mod and all the of pictures were taken a few weeks after the mod was tested

This is my first post and I'll be happy to answer any questions you have
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Looks fantastic!
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I did the tape mod on an old gen a5 barrel. The older gen apex fit great. But i didnt like it much. Never fielded it but backyard shooter had poor accuracy. Didnt like it. Also got it the way of my 12g

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