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Under barrel tipx

So I've googled. And only saw one attempt at this. And it was just for a photo op.

Has anyone attached a tipx to..well anything to act as a secondary first strike platform?

I just bought a tipx to run as my primary. But I have a gog G1 which I love. But miss having the ability to shoot First strikes (have mr5 that tipx is replacing). I know that when I run the tipx, I will run into times where the firepower of a hoppered gun would be beneficial.

So I was thinking of mounting the tipx under my G1 to be my under barrel sniper per-say.


Not interested in flameing or video game reference inferring that I play to much.

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I have seen someone attach a havoc launcher under a tpx
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Just get a holster for it, it would be a lot easier
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being able to shoot first strike rounds at long range would be cumbersome using it as an under mount.

You'd need an adjustable riser and scope which adds considerable weight to an already heavy platform. A G1 with a 45/4500 and 200 round hopper probably weighs around 4 pounds. Then add another 4 pounds or so from the "sniper" setup and it just becomes a burden. Not to mention carrying mags someplace on your body since you'd have to wear a pod pack for normal paintballs.

If you want to do both snipe and shoot normal paintballs just use zetamags in the TPX. Just don't run around solo. Use your teammates to your advantage.
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I disagree mostly

I have full navy molle vest
Tank on back already.
I said firepower of hopper. Not of pro tournament back player lol. I only carry 2 pods and that last 2 back to back games

I think it would be easier shooting long range from a rifle platform then pistol.

Zeta mags and fazmags on order.
But I don't have the tipx on hand yet to start fiddling with.
Well see if I can come up with some things.

I was just curious if anyone else had attempted a have basically two guns stuck together before with a different purpose for each.
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Under barrel tipx

You're right, it would be easier shooting FS from a rifle platform. But strapping a pistol to a rifle is not the same thing.

You're, in essence, making your primary heavier and bulkier for the sake of occasionally shooting a few first strikes. It will also be harder to aim said first strikes because your sights will be so far away from the barrel axis in an undermount setup. Really what your doing is neutering both set ups and not improving on either. Ideally I would build a rifle for FS and use the pistol for close quarters, but if that were cost prohibitive I would still sooner use the pistol from a holster as a dedicated FS gun than undermount it to something else. Since paintball doesn't have recoil, and barrel length is arguably not important to accuracy in paintball, shooting FS from a pistol format will not be a significant disadvantage in this case.
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I have seen this. A guy mounted a TPX under an Empire Trracer pump arm. Looked cumbersome.
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I don't see why using first strikes on a paintball pistol or rifle would be any different.
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The only difference is that people are generally able to aim rifles more easily than pistols, because of the extra work involved. The ballistics of the paintball or first strike flying are identical.

EDIT: Someone mentioned this pic of a friend of mine!

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