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We definitely need to see a video of this in action!
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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
Steel and mostly delrin with the same magnet as the 'agentstyle co2 plug mod'.
A 15lb rare earth donut that will draw a 12gram right out of an elastic shotgun loop no problem.
This gives me such flow that i wouldn't consider the double mag now, or the tcr style change. There's no point in it now, IMO, this is as good with no weight penalty.

That mod gives you more shots per 12 gram?
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Incredible, looking forward to hearing how it works!

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Originally Posted by markcheb View Post
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Is it a delrin attachment to the existing plug, or a completely new plug?

(I'm using the same magnet mod, all 12g users should!)

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That is awesome Agent Smith!

I was so happy with Smiley's work on my dukie lever, I really should send him more stuff!

I need Woolrich to make a tactical kilt!

That Tac U shirt is pretty awesome, but I wish the pockets were on the inside of the forarm. Outside is fine for mags, but 10 round tubes and first strikes don't like being that exposed.
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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
Smiley says I can show off!
They're called Smistols because Smiley fixed them up for Smith!
Very nice, addresses my one biggest complaint about the tipx. If I hadn't gotten such a bargain on my t8.1s I'd be feeling buyer's remorse. Jealousy? Yeah, still feel that.
Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
We don't do easy here! Here we do different and not done before!
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Smith, where's out pictars? I want to see the wonders Smiley hath wrought for thee.

The co2 knobs are a definite improvement over factory. I couldn't over how difficult to operate the OE knobs were to operate. It made me ponder wtf is going on in engineering at Tippmann. I know you're holding out on us regarding the other end of those pistols so give it up!
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Sorry guys! I haven't had 2 conscious hours in a row at home all week.
Working like a mule!

The shot count remained the same generally. It is simply that changes are so fast and easy.

Every pistol player that starts out and every pistol player that embraces a new system goes through the same process, me included.

Pistol play itself follows the same thing, as first someone just had to make the pistol, then folks add and try various systems, so we get Sarge kits and TCRs and the beginnings of a real flurry of gear and mods that is just now starting to get rolling. Eventually we will get gear centered around simply playing at a high level with the pistol pretty much stock and this is the start of that.
Not a mod to give more shots or hook up constant air or change any of the marker's firing operation, but simply to make it more efficient tactically.
Not only does it make the change faster, which for me, who generally reloads the 12ie in the pistol while it's holstered is a non-factor, but much more importantly it frees the timing of the change.

I've been playing 2 12gram powered pistols a LOOOOONG time and I changed everything about the approach of my play in the process.
For someone who wants to do it without a long adjustment period, something has to go. It's too many unfamiliar things at once. So most dispense with the 12grams and do C/A.
I can only repeat my firm belief that to get the most out of pistol play, the full versatility and capability after training one's self in the new style, requires 12grams.
Especially in the case of the TiPX, IMO.

The reason most people choose not to adapt to using 12grams with the TiPX is because they cannot control the timing of the change, whether they know it or not.
For a pistol with 12grams to be effective you have to be able to get that 12g out of it and into it whenever you want.

People may not consciously make the connection for a while, but if you're out of paint and co2 in your pistol at the same time, you're pretty much out second pistol or not.
You can be out of action for many short periods and live, but you can't be out of action for an extended period without being just plain out.

I'm doing a straight 8 tonight, so I will get to work for you guys tomorrow!

Here's another facebook pic for you!
For a test when I first got them from Smiley, I put a 12gram in, pulled the trigger to pierce it and then just casually twisted it right out.
I pulled it straight out as I did so and the jet of co2 is nowhere near strong enough to move the cylinder on the rare earth magnet.
So I don't have to let the cylinder gas out all over the insides of my gun either.
After it gassed out, I simply pushed the plug 12g first into my pocket until most of the 12ie was in there and pulled the magnet off it sideways.
Then I can snap it right on another 12ie in the loops and no hand that right into the pistol.

In other words, I draw a 12gram and put it in my pistol, fire it, remove it and replace it with a new one, without my fingers ever touching a 12gram.

I can change a cylinder exactly the same way all the time, any time I want.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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Now we need a vid
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I will do that tomorrow for sure!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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