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I definitely agree with Mayvik's advice, if you don't get the mag seated tight or you eject a partly filled one, DON'T push it back in there, because the spring has been released and the mag is feeding balls into the gun as it drops from the top position(I've even seen some mags that will push balls past the keeper, if you release the magazine spring with the mag just in your hand, I shorten the mag spring a bit when this happens-that keeps it from firing so many up into the gun if you eject that mag).

My only beef is the break issue, as I've said before unless I'm in a tournament, if I break a ball in there I put it away even if that means I have to call myself out of a rec game.
Reloading a mag with broken paint in there is almost certain to destroy the oring of the mag.

One thing though, mine is an old one and the small post that goes into the magazine is a straight tube with a flat top. The later models came with a tapered post in this location(I know because the Tiberius guys were nice enough to give me one for free at the Monster Game last year)
I looked at this tapered post for a while before throwing it in my toolbox and NOT using it. Logic suggests that my flattop post will act like a punch, cutting a round disc it's own size and shape, which will plug up the air intake but not really impact the orings in the sidewall that much. Whereas the tapered top pin will act as a snowplow with a small disc cut in the center and the rest of the 'diameter of the hole in the magazine's' worth of gunk dragged down the sidewalls.
So I suspect that in a clean gun the tapered pin is better, but a gun used outdoors will do better with the flattopped pin.
Everytime I finish playing with it, I take it in half, rinse it out with a warm water hose, then blow it dry with the blowgun from my aircompressor (gets all the tiny shell and grit, plus adds a little airtool oil all over).

Following these little rules, I'm proud to say I'm still shooting TAG8#3013 after several years and several cases worth of paint with all it's original orings, in the gun and the original mags that I bought with it.
I did have 2 of the 'piercing body' pierce pins for the 12gram break off, but I suspect that it is agentSmith's panicky strength in midgame to blame for those.

Great gun!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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I bought one of Freedom's Tac 8's and I love it. One other thing that sort of messed me up with it, besides trying to reload a mag and breaking the balls inside, was not realizing that the spring on mag clip is supposed to stay twisted down into place, even after you load it up with balls. The first few times I untwisted it at the bottom after the balls were in, but the retaining bar will sometimes wiggle a bit and cause your balls to shoot out of clip. Loading the mag in the gun releases that spring, you don't have to do it yourself. Hope that makes sense.

Freedom also suggested one shoot out all the access CO2 before popping off the 12 gram so the ring doesn't freeze and break/unseeat. I guess its a little fragile.

I tried the underground mod shop magnetic hex bolts for the mags, instead of using the allen key, and I can't say I'm won over by them. I wouldn't recommend that upgrade if your'e thinking about it. They're too long and the magnet will release if you flick your gun too hard.

My feedback:

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got to play my first day with mine, all I can say is it was one of the most fun times ever, running with it only or with my sniper primary and pulling the tac when the game got close range or I was out of ammo, also saved my friend from going off without paint (i gave him the sniper and ran with the tac) sooo much fun. Im definatly picking up a shoulder/underarm harness though because when running it as a backup, the extra weight on my leg made me feel slower then I should have been, but its a light enough marker that when its on the shoulder it feels like nothing. My sniper + 5/50 pod pack + tiberius + 3 extra clips STILL felt a lot less cumbersome then running a full semi setup.
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