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First time ever using a mill, Made myself a poor mans Luxe.
You don't make friends with electros.
Ramping? Iam one balling, dude!

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Finally got all my parts. Good to be back in the family.

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chuff chuff
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I think the ions I have owned (counting the partials) would ammount to about 10...

here's the latest ones I have put togheter;

the "i wish I was an epiphany", built from the parts that got left over when I started upping my epiphany, which left me with a complete epiphany sans frame in parts left over...

buut, the ion that I am currently working on/liking is a closed bolt mech (thank you yoda/DW!)

the test bed, complete with ifit, apex2 and freak:

the actual marker (not done yet, needs a few parts)

need to decide what kind of foregrip I am going to make. was leaning towards using a luxe exalt grip, or having a stubby grip (kinda like a bob long marq). But then I started toying around with the idea of using the ions reg grip, or some sp1 grips.. any input is greatly appreciated.

(when I get the funds it is going to get Upgraded to electro with a UTB, just for bragging rights.)
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This is MCB we have higher standards than that! Go post that drivel on PBN!
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current configuration (pistol-esc)

Ive been running the reg on the bottle/remote connect.

and then for regular play
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Nice eNMEy there! Does the rain cover affect the sound signature at all?
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