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March 19, 2011 - Asylum's Go'N Postal Big Game - Louisville, KY.

The first Postal of the season is just around the corner on March 19.
We have mega prizes and a new team oriented format that will make for a great day of paintball, so don't miss the first Postal of the 2011 season!
Top prize is a brand new EMPIRE AXE!!

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The C.O.
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The 502nd SOG will be refereeing all Postal events for the 2011 season.

Many of us in the 502nd have been playing paintball for DECADES both recreational and at the tournament level. We've been to big games, scenario games, tournament games, all kinds of games all around the USA. We will try to make the game better for everyone involved.

Our goal: Help Asylum bring the game back to the game!

We've worked with Kenny to develop a whole new game design using his "postal theme" and incorporating elements that we think will work well at Asylum.

I'd look for the Players briefing at 10am and then game start at 11am.
You should be able to chrono onto the field immediately after the players briefing (10:30ish), although you will only be allowed to stage immediately inside the entry point until game start.

Highlights include:
TEAM oriented points structure
Two prize package tiers (better prizes to the winning TEAM)
Raffle for the prizes (not based on who knows the field best or who collect envelopes best)
Uninterrupted play (no attack/defend, no forced lunch breaks - you play as much and as long as you want!)
Multiple Flag Stations with big points; scattered mail drops are still worth points, but to the team, not the individual.
Field map for those new players who aren't as familiar with the layout.
Roving referees actively checking for hot guns.
Final hour long big battle at a central flag station - this is where you GO POSTAL trying to get control of that flag and secure the win for your team!!

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I've never played a big game before, this looks like it will be a lot of fun. Can't wait!
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Thumbs up

It will be so refreshing to see some of the Pump Night players there. You will have a good time.
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I've been wanting to take a trip up there but it looks like the 19th is a no go for me. I'll try and make the 6/4 game. Hope you guys have fun.
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Wish I could make this one... Thats my Birthday and I will be in Memphis.. I will try my best to make it for the next one.. I gotta get up there for a Friday night here soon too...
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The C.O.
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Postal this Saturday!

The 502nd spent the day Sunday working on the field in preparation for the event. Lots of new bunkers, cleaner field, etc.

Wish I could play! lol




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