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Invasion scenario @hotshots paintball West Palm Beach FL

Hot shots paintball in Loxahatchee FL is planning a scenario on febuary 23rd. Should be a decent size scenario, nothing all that big.
Admission 35$ with preregister. If i recall its around 50$ish day of event.
Rentals are available and paint is 60$ a case.
HotShots Paintball (561) 798-4717 16169 Southern Blvd For further information and to sign up.
Shoot questions via pm's if you have any questions.
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I attended this "scenario" on Saturday (2/23) and it was without a doubt the worst paintball experience I have had in my 4 years of playing.

I also attended the Operation Mercury scenario on 11/4/2007 and was disappointed, but had hoped management would learn some lessons from that one. Sadly, this was not the case.

Where to begin:

From the outset, the owner apologized for not having a bullhorn to anounce the start and end of missions. Apparently, he forgot to charge the battery for his existing equipment, but he promised to have one available by the dinner break at 5pm.

No-one was chrono'ed for this event. Not one single person. It was a "self-serve" chrono day at Hotshots, apparently. Also, not one single ref had a hand-held chrono or radio. Not that that mattered, because when you could find a ref, they wouldn't do anything. Even when people were overshooting, spawn-camping, blatantly shooting hot, not calling themselves out, etc. I watched this happen numerous times while refs were standing right there observing.

Management was non-existent. During the first missions, half of the refs were sitting around at the bbq stand having a nice chat and a soda. They should have been out on the field, umm....well...reffing the damn game.

Nobody seemed to know what was going on at any given times. Not the teams, not the refs, nor the clubhouse staff.

By around 3:30 - 4:00PM, both team's generals had quit for the day. One (the American general) in a tissy fit because someone had the audacity of shooting at him when he was exiting the "insertion" vehicle. The other (Chinese general) because he was overshot during the last "mission", and was constantly hit even when he was leaving the field (with marker and/or hand raise and barrel condom on).

There were multiple people, including young kids, who were injured by people purposely overshooting. Blood was drawn on quite a few.

The game was all but over after 4:00pm, when my group left. The parking lot was pretty much empty by this time, most people having packed it in by 2 - 3 pm.

One possible issue, though it was just rumor and I can't vouch for the veracity of it, was that the "organized" teams that showed up came with the purpose of disrupting the scenario. Like I said, I can't prove the intent, but it is effectively what happened.

It's too bad because the fields themselves at hotshots are actually quite good. Lots of cover, structures, an old bus, city, etc. to play in and around. The people I gathered to go to both scenarios (12 on the first go around, 8 the second) now refuse to return. What a shame.
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About this wreck of a scenario. As a player [and the chinese] general there was a lot of crap that happened. I felt disgusted for working there and even more disgusted for how things were handled.
The referees werent the ones we actually booked. Our refs backed out the night before so we had to make due with what we had. They never played a scenario and most are xball kiddies so they really didnt comprehend the rules.
But we allready are planning a second one, im one of the people organizing it and this one we plan to put out rule booklets and have alot more orginization. The scenario before this one went amazing because it had stricter rules in play and im not sure if you were there for it but if you rember I was the main person complaining to the owners or if you could even call it 'managers' of this scenario for more strict rules.

From the staff at hotshots and Greg Mattoks, Chinese general and ref I would like to apoligize for this mess and hope everybody sticks it out for the next one, which WILL be a better run show.

Greg Mattocks.
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I'm not sure that anything that happens will get my crew to come back out. We were at the previous scenario (Operation Mercury) and, to be blunt, were unimpressed. I will grant you that this past scenario made Op Mercury look like a Wayne's World production, but that's not saying much.

From my perspective, a number of things would have to be implemented to get people to come back.

Communications - Refs should have radios assigned so they can actually talk to each other and find out what is going on, or call for help. And for craps sake, the bullhorn should be charged and ready on game day. How are people supposed to know when missions are over, when to return to base, lunch time, etc.?

Safety - This means having enough chronos available for all players to be checked before entering the field (something that wasn't done during either scenario I attended). Also, using the player cards to actually track whether someone has been chrono'ed should be a requirement. Finally on that, refs should have hand held chronos on the field so they can spot check people that may be shooting hot. If people are caught dialing their rigs up, they get booted. End of story. This is not to mention the "Masks on, Barrel condoms on", no overshooting, 10 foot courtesy, etc rules that should be adhered to on any paintball field (which was all but ignored most of the day that I could see).

Training - Refs need to be trained on how to provide service for a scenario game. I can't tell you how many times I was shot out and, while walking back to respawn with my gun in the air, I was hit multiple times. This occured in front of refs on many occasions. When asked to do something about it, they did NOTHING. I'm sure you're familiar with this as it was one of the main reasons you left the game. Also, the cheating needs to be addressed. There were numerous occasions where I hit someone from 20-30 feet away where they would turn around and run away without calling themselves out. This happened in front of refs many times. Paint checks would be nice.

Organization - Honestly, one of the key problems with the day was the total lack of cohesion on our teams' part. With the exception of the last mission that was run (get the General to the Bus), we had no clear mission objectives, with people milling about asking "what are we doing", or "what's the mission" over and over again.

Owner/Management - The owner or managers of Hotshots need to be on site AT ALL TIMES to provide guidance for those with questions, or administrative issues. They should not be sitting in the clubhouse or going to Walmart to pick up supplies. They need to be observing what is going on and addressing issues before they become problems. Case in point, in complaining to the Refs about a few things, we were told to go talk to the owner. When we tried, he was nowhere to be found (saw him pulling up in a mini-van later in the day).

Look, I don't know what your affiliation with the field is (I know you say you work there, but I don't know in what capacity). This is not meant as a flame. However, the people that I brought (only 8, so not that many in the grand scheme of things...but still) are all older. We have jobs and families to deal with, so getting a Saturday off to come play paintball is a big deal for us. To have wasted this time is pretty upsetting. If we can see that the things above are addressed, I'd like to give Hotshots another go.


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hey general,....i was one of those xball kids...the scenario was a piece of ****. everything was disorganized, my friend walked off the field covered in blood because your ****in refs didnt do anything about a certain team "the devils rejects" those guys ruined the scenario.....o by the way other guys i bet mr general big shot never told you that his plans got the team murdered while he was running around of the frontlines with a ****ing pump gun while the rest of us were actually trying to play.
**** THE SCENARIO, **** THE DEVILS REJECTS, and i used 2 play at hotshots but apparently they cant get their **** together even for a big game so **** HOTSHOTS
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