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Questions about the Sterling.

First, I'm glad to see a place specifically for the Sterling. I've always liked the look of them but rarely see much about em. I hope this place gets more popular in the upcoming year.
Anyway, I am very interested in the STP SC. But I was wondering what kind of efficiency the marker gets out of 12 grams. Also, I understand that the airlines are threaded for something other than 1/8-27, what is the thread size? I've heard of people re threading the airlines for standard threads, is it just a matter of running a proper 1/8-27 tap through it? Where are the most common places that they leak from, or is that not as common anymore?
Lastly, I like that it's spyder threaded!! I picked up a Python kit on the cheap that's spyder threaded, and I love it. I used it on my Hammer and it shoots f'n lasers now. That's actually another main reason I want to pick one of these up.
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Hmm 30 something views and not a single reply. Either no one knows enough about the marker, or no one cares to educate a potential new buyer.
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The 12g efficiency, I dont have a clue right now as I have only run mine on HPA or Co2. My next one will be 12g only.

The threading is the British version of our 1/8-27NPT. My 1989 Sterling has the British version but I have used normal fittings just fine.

Leaks, never had one. It will either leak at the cup seal, between the valve body halves, or any fitting connections. I used to have a hammer & it was nice but didnt like the single tube & my Sterling plus the other local one are 100 times better than that hammer.
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I don't know if anyone has sat down with a stock sterling stp and a chrono and calculated the efficency. Expect about 30 or 35 usable shots off a 12g. It's not the most efficent stock class gun out there but decent.

The size of the air fittings I believe were mentioned in another thread. They're not common in the US at least in paintball applications. They require a drill and tap for standard fittings IIRC.

Common leaks are the hardline and the gasket that sits on the rail below the valve is easy to lose. Both aren't easy to find.
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useing 12 grams i get around 30 very good shots, and on the 4th refill notice the differnce. so yes, low to mid 30s for a 12 gram.
i have not had any leaks on mine, but do read alot about the hard line leaking. mine has the hawian set up, but dont see how it would matter to the front grip set up on leaks.
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