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Ya i got my stp the other day and was extremely impressed with the quality, pump stroke, solid feel of the marker ... and the little features like the way the feed block comes together and the airline having the option of running through the grip and out the rail ... Thought it was pretty clean and well built
Sterling Feedback
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Imho Steling pumps were developed for CA pump tournaments in 1990. In years where they were introduced on market they have had such like advantages above common CA Sheridans:

- lower weight
- removable/interchangeable barrel
- ability remove bolt and clean the barrel & chamber really quick
- smooth auto-trigger without silly rod near trigger
- smoother pump stroke thanks to the hammer spring directly near / in axis of the pump handle
- a lot better resistivity to dirt penetration inside to mechanism
- easy disassembly of the valve
- they were easy to build on new, incomong CNC machines.

Nelsons on other side have shoot louder, they were not able handle good with low pressures, there was big problem to clean the bolt and barrel fast and the pump handle position was likewise not so good for rapid fire.

In this years, Sterlings were imho cleary the best between CA pumps.


Best Sheridans (with polished internals, Speed Daemon style bolt, quick-strip, carriage valve) can be comparable with most of these characteristics... but auto-trigger is still little clumsy here and they are not so resisitive to penetration of the dirt inside of the mechanism.

Best Nelsons like Gargoyle can be now perhaps likewise nearly comparable with best Sterlings...

T2 is imho cleary better than Sterlings. But the manufacturing costs of T2 are incomparable.

So there you perhaps have your answer. There were reasons why were Sterlings invented and why they were popular and feared in places where they were available for good prices. Like high-end tournament CA pump gun it was weapon of mass destruiction in his time.

I really like Sterlings... but many of the late, cheap produces rental Sterlings were really horrible out of the box... I really do not recommend to buy these... and now, the new, modern and on other side the really old Strelings are overrated and overhyped in US, or at least here on MCB, imho.

I personally own Sheridans, Sterlings and Nelsons. Like stock class pump-pistols, I like Sheridans best. My customized/modified ZGP-94 has smoother pump stroke, better efficiency, and is smaller than any Nelson or Sterling.

But like CA rifle, Sterling is far better - he can be silent like like best Sheridans, he has better rate of fire, is more reliable and easy to care. Not so air efficient, but with CA it does not matter - far better than anything what you can get from - for example - P68AT or regular Nelson.

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You can't just go with novelty?
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fast change options. enough said
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Originally Posted by crawler78 View Post
fast change options. enough said
That's not really something that only the Sterling can do. There's a number of Nelson's and Sheridan's that can do the same thing. Phantom's, and T2's (just one example of each type) are easily convertable. Just like your Sterling.
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yes, but the Sterling comes with it, and does not cost nearly as much as the better ones(T2) witch is the quaility you get.
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internal auto trigger and sniper style valve. whats not to like?
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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