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S1endy 12-16-2012 12:29 AM

Which is better?
I recently discovered Sterlings (today, actually :p) and I've decided that I have to get one, because they seem phenomenal.

My only question, is whether to get an older Sterling, or a new Arrow Precision.

Is there a performance/quality/any difference between them? Or does it not really matter?

DunXWright 12-16-2012 12:58 AM

Hey! Glad to see another Sterling convert :)

Quality is pretty phenomenal across the board, so whether you pick up an older Sterling, or splurge on one fresh from the factory (contact Mike Taitt here on MCB for that, he's with Powerball, the current manufacturers/distributors of Sterling pumps, great to work with too!), performance is more or less a none-issue when it comes to narrowing down exactly what you want.

The only real difference is in the options:

Spyder threaded or Sterling threaded
Method of velocity adjustment (shims/adjustable bolt/adjustable hammer)
Right feed or center feed and/or stock feed
.45 frame or eurogrip or oldschool sterling frame
ball detent or no ball detent
backbottle or bottomlined
And I suppose old/new/newer pump handle style if you're feeling picky.

And for the most part, which you choose is up to preference. The only ones that I could really say make a big difference are the velocity adjustable hammer (makes things a lot easier at the chrony, and doesn't detract from effifciency like the adjustable bolt does) and the ball detent (because double feeds suck!).

Browse around the picture gallery and figure out what you'd prefer.

Happy hunting!

K_Obeastly 12-16-2012 12:59 AM

most people would say to get a newer one if possible. The newer stps have velocity adjusters and spyder threaded barrels.

S1endy 12-16-2012 01:05 AM

So, I suppose I should get a new Sterling, since I want centerfeed, easy velocity adjustment, and easy to find barrels.

Any idea how much that'll cost me?
The sites don't say a whole lot about pricing.

idkfa 12-16-2012 12:50 PM

PM Mike Taitt and he will take care of you.

crawler78 12-31-2012 05:17 AM

Mike is the man for it. He will hook you up with no problems.

toymachine 01-01-2013 01:25 PM

And all his quotes include vat/taxes and shipping, which can be important when ordering from him, given your home location ;)

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