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what is Sterling looking for in a dealer then?
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Originally Posted by Mike Taitt View Post
Thanks for the heads-up, guys. Apologies for not keeping on top of this. We've had a busy summer with paint sales and now I'm slowly getting my life back to carry on with what I love best. We've got all the spares you need, so if anyone knows of a good pro-shop with a focus on customer service, we'll happily work with them!
The story of the Sterling. Despite a huge following, there are few dealers, and very few parts. It's been like this since the beginning.
Since Mike came aboard, things have been better, but the scarcity of parts and service still hamper their popularity.

Arrow Precision does much more than the Sterling, and perhaps that's their weakness. Let's face it, selling a semi-custom pump at a semi-custom price isn't going to make you much money these days. Ask anyone who sells pumps. It's a niche market.

How many could you actually sell in a year? The profit margin is small, the headaches are large.

I think that Arrow Precision should just set up an on-line store. Let the customer buy guns much like Palmer's or Carter's website. You pick what you want, check the box, enter your credit card number and wait. The folks in Great Britain read your request, assemble your gun or place the parts you desire in a box, and ship it directly to you. Easy as pie. If you need service, see a local shop. Warranty work would require shipping back to the UK, but that's the same procedure as Palmer's or Carter's regarding warranty work.

I love Sterlings. I'm fortunate enough to have been in on the first run of these guns, and have a long relationship with them.

Keep up the good work Mike. I know that you have to deal with a Board of Directors of a large and diverse corporation that considers the Sterling a small entity, not worth much effort on their part, therefore change moves at the "speed of government".

If Sterling ever came up for sale, I'd mortgage my house and buy it, and run it a bit differently, but that's just not an option as of yet, so us Sterling owners need to support [I]each other.[I]
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like to do a online store with some of the more classic markers. cockers, mags, sterling/AP, phantom. you know the markers that r old but still kick butt

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