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Hey guys

My vacation is now over. (Marisa just got on her plane to Texas!)
I had a blast, it was so relaxing.
Took a trip up to Seattle.
Turned our phones off, didnt take our laptops, just relaxed, walked around town, went to the Space Needle (on a monday... so it was EMPTY!)

All week the longest I was on my computer in one sitting was like 30 minutes, it felt amazing.

Now I know having a web based business requires me to send emails and be active, but I would like to continue to limit my time online (still taking work, just less e-hours)

This means that if you send me an email after 7:30-8:00 pm pst, I probably wont pm ya until the next day. Now..... before you start freakin out, Im not goin anywhere, Im still here, Im still taking work. Im a business, I need to establish business hours. Im gonna do my best to reply in a timely manner, I just need a chance to power down.

I have 20 unread pm's on here, a couple on pbn, and 30 on my email.
Im gonna pm/email everybody today.
I have 7 ready to be freaked customer barrels at my house, as well as a few other customer orders.

Im gonna push through them asap and get stuff in the mail tuesday afternoon (hopefully).

I have also realized I am too young to have the knee problems I have.
I need to take care of my body, I tried to go for a run this week, and had to stop because of knee pain.

I am going to renew my gym membership, and start watching what im eating, I am going to change my shop hours, to setup a schedule to make time for working out.

Machine shop hours....

SSC Time 5:30-6:00am
Proturn Time 6:00-3:00pm
SSC Time 3:00-4:30ish pm
Gym 4:45-5:45pm

SSC Time 5:30-6:00am
Proturn 6:00-9:30am
SSC Time _______ (pending work)
Gym after

My goal is to play 4 National Events + 2 Supergames + 5 Local Events.
Im gonna be busy, Its gonna be a crazy year!


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