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This is between the OP and SSC everyone else please kindly stay out of it or it will be locked down..

And this is not an opinion it is fact..

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Originally Posted by NoX13 View Post
Not jumping to conclusions when its been over a month since this thread was made (even months before that the order was made)

And both the op and the seller agree there was a lack of communication.
There hasnt been any further update to by the seller..

Asked a while ago if tracking or insurance was given/used.. didnt get an answer either way on that..

flat out.. c.s isnt holding up what it said..
seller told buyer a bit more then a month ago he would expedite the order 24 hours from the point of his post.. and still nothing..

backed up for months with pms/emails isnt a real excuse for accepting someones money and not following through on product..

(and im not pissed,its hard to tell in txt but im voicing my everyone in this thread is doing.)
Seeing how its not your transaction, ie your not the seler or buyer i sont think anyone needs to answer you.. Infact why not pm the op all of your splendid ideas and questions
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All please leave this to me and Ryan. My shipping address is fine and I have been oversea for ages. I only hope he does the right thing and resend the order
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This is the Internet. We can't mind our own business.

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