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super_stanchy 05-10-2012 09:01 PM

Weekly Update 5/10
Supergame is over.
It was crazy.
It was amazing.
It was a blast.
Red came out and won the event, it was a huge relief!
(We were down by 1/2 of an objective going into Sunday)

I took monday off to unload, relax and catch my breath

tuesday i came straight home, had to go take my scuba tanks to be hydro'd and pay my booth guy for running the event

wednesday i stayed at the shop after work until 6 or 7 (i cant remember now)
i got some halfblock projects started, then finished up 2 customer barrel orders!

thursday i stayed at the shop for an extra 2 hours, got 2 more barrels done, sent a few emails, and cleaned up my area (it was becoming a mess)

friday (tomorrow) its my birthday! i was planning on working half of a day, but i looked at my to do list, its long, there is alot to do!

tomorrow i want to do 4-8 barrels, a post office run and then go sell one of my guns to a guy locally :)

i need to go wash up the trailer before it gets dark.... then im gonna send some emails (only have about 50 in my inbox between 3 sites!)


VagabondStarJXF 05-15-2012 04:48 AM

Hey Ryan. How's things going with my stuff? Any chance that they'll be ready to ship this week?

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