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blackrain 03-31-2010 12:53 PM

Who are we

First off I would like to thank Carter of MCB for giving me this forum.

Team Blackrain is a one man team based out of Wa. My goal is just to have fun while playing. I like big games and rec play. I'm not into missions and I don't care who wins or looses. I try to help new players all I can.

So you'll never see me really take anything in paintball to serious when it comes to playing.

I've been playing for 24 yrs. I even have a few sponsors. I travel to big events with my own pit crew (Love You Babe) and that person is also my best friend and Wife. So I have great involvement with the Spouse when it comes to paintball.

I do alot of "HOW TOs", some people like me for them,some people hate me for them. I also do a few gun projects. I'm not really into the new electronic guns, I'm still happy shooting my 99" Autococker.

I have been known to use an Electro from time to time,but they are so low end or off brand that know one cares or notices.

If you ever see me at events,don't hesitate to come over and say hello.


My Resume

Let's get this out of the way first :ROTFL::ROTFL::ROTFL::ROTFL:

Alright here we go.


49 (I don't move very fast)

Yrs playing:

24 yrs


Team Blackrain (one man team)

Quick over view of the team ownership:

First off I own Team Black Rain. Team Black Rain is my creation. I make all decisions for the team. I am CEO, Owner, Coach, manager, Player. In other words, totally in charge (except when my Wife tells me to take a break).

No one makes decision for this team but me. No one runs my team but me (Or my Wife). Way to many times have I heard of disgruntled teams, because their sponsors have tried to take over. Sorry,not this team.

Game attitude:

I have 24 yrs of playing experiance and I still suck at the game but I'm persistant
I'm not a big tourney player or anything like that. But if you have a new product that you need reviewed and you want to offer me a discount, I'm your man.
I'm not asking for money,entry fees,plane tickets or free stuff (Your option).
Times are hard for everyone and you don't need to give out tons of free stuff. That's profits going out the window for you.

I will promote your business.

I'm basically trying to promote the small paintball business
and hopefully bring in some business for them.

Send business cards and I will hand them out. Any promotional
items you would like me to hand out I will. I will back you 100%+


Please don't expect me to travel across the USA on my dime either.
I play local big games and any others that I can make.
I travel to much with my job for a real commitment,so don't expect
me to be at major events.
If I can make them I will but please don't hold your breath.

My Gear:

I shoot the gun of my choice and that's it.
I only use my paint grenades.
I play only at FPO fields and if I find a field that is a BYOP,I shoot what I like.

I don't practice or care if I win.
I'm just out to have fun and promote safe paintball.

I travel with my own pit crew,who will also help in
getting out sponsor promotion flyers etc.

What I will do for you:

I will write an honest review about your product and service
without sugar coating and tell the REAL TRUTH ABOUT IT AND YOUR COMPANY SERVICE.

You can't make money if I lie and your product has a defective part.
I'll do whatever I can to help you fix the issue or give a recommendation.
I cannot lie simply so that you can profit, and me knowing your product is basically unservicable after only a few uses.

So if you like these terms, please PM me.

I will post your company logo and name on our team banner. The size of banner is 3'W x 10'L
Remember I travel all around the world with my job,and if there
is paintball present, my gear will be with me.

How long a commitment:

This is just one season sponsorship and I don't like to sign paper work,
I just believe in a hand shake between grown Men.
Renewal is your option.

So I hope I can offer your company what you are looking for in a player, team and sportsman for paintball


blackrain 03-31-2010 01:01 PM

Who are my sponsors
All my sponsors are places that I have used in the past. So I have a little history with them. Trust me I feel privledge just to have them on my banner, in my sig and on my forum page. I donot receive any free products from these sponsors,nor do I ask for any. To some they are not big names, to others they are well kept secrets among the paintball community.

"Hey quality service is hard to get in the paintball industry these days. So why not be greedy with those that help out the player and are for the player and the REAL GAME of paintball."

Well it's kind of funny that a One Man Team has sponsors,but I do. My main goal is to represent the small paintball business and help them grow.

The small paintball business is what keeps the sport growing.

If you need to contact any of my sponsors for products or information,please click on their banners and it will take you right to their Home Page.

Please help support the small paintball business to grow and help them become an even better quality place for all to use.

Team Forum Sponsor:

Thanks for your backing Carter. All one of us appreciate it!!!! :drool:

For all your Old School Paintball info. This is where all the old time players have gone. Need info about old school paintball,this is the place for Nelspot 007 to limited production models such as The Storm. So pop in and check it out. You're already here why not.

Our Paintball Accessories Sponsor:

Celani's Paintball is a family operation, founded in 2006 by Titus Celani, it's taken off around the Pinellas County area. We have the lowest prices guaranteed on all paintball products, including paint itself.

These folks were kind enough to take a chance on me by supplying me with the gear I needed for everyday play. The quality of customer service is impecable. I have always been very happy with their one on one customer service. They handle any problem in a prompt manner to make sure the customer is happy with their purchase and service.

I have only used paypal with purchases and I'm positive they they Money Orders as well.

They have many top name products on their site as well as a few they have developed themselves.

So if you are in need of great products and great service, give Celanis Paintball a call.

Our Soft Goods Sponsor:

Whiskey Two-Four offers high quality, tough, well thought out products made by Americans in America.
Utilizing only the finest machines, tooling, software, and finishing processes available, WTF! products stand up to tough abuse on the field.

Because we have faith in our products, we don't need to think twice about offering a lifetime warranty. But should your WTF! product ever fail you in the course of normal play, send it back for a replacement.

Maker of fine military and paintball products. Once again another top notch service. They cater to the needs of mil sim paintball as well as real world operators. Their products are well sewn and able to with stand major use thru crawling,rough brush and many real world situations that his products might find a use in.

The owner Ryan is a great person to deal with and responds as fast as he can to emails. He is a one man operation,so he is usually sewing from Sun Up To Sun Down. So don't be dissapointed if your response takes a few hrs to get answered.

WTF also sells many products for for Phantoms and Tippmann model paint guns. Their latest products are nerf rocket carriers for those who use launchers and a 3 pack 100 round pod pouch.

He does do custom orders and the price does vary on what your need is.

So contact Whiskey Two Four for all your soft goods needs.

Our Gun Specialty Graphic Sponsor:

Oregon Hydrographics...specializes in a revolutionary hydrographically applied three-dimensional printing process. Enhancing the appearance of a vast variety of shapes and sizes of plastic, metal, glass, wood, and virtually any other simple or complex shaped object. Using a unique water pressure applied film to create natural wood grains (walnut, oak, mahogany, burls, etc.),stone, marble, carbon fiber, camouflage and many other stylish and abstract designs.

We can solve all your custom surface coating needs!

What more can I say. Their statement is their word. Contact Mike and talk a deal with him. Prices vary on work you want done. This is an alternative to anodizing. Please ask questions and rest sure that your paintball gun will be in good hands.

B&M Chainmaille and Jewelry:

Welcome to our newest sponsor:

B&M Chainmaille and Jewlery. He is a local member here by the name of Bradys71.

B&M produces hand crafted custom Jewelry and products,such as ear rings and tank covers. The products we have received from this company are extremely well made. This to me seems to be a craft where one would need patience and looks very time consuming.

The price of these items are worth every penny spent. If you are in need of custome Chainmaille please contact B&M at:

Welcome to Fog Doc:

FogDoc wants to make you happy and fog-free. If for some reason you are unhappy with our product, we provide a Money Back Guarantee – just contact us and if we can’t help you solve your fog problem, ship the remaining product back to us with proof of purchase within 3 days and we will refund product purchase price once received.Shipping not included. We are confident in our product and in the satisfaction expressed by our loyal customers. is owned and operated by 36 Hour Days.

36 Hour Days LLC is now ready to supply all stores, resorts, shops and fields through out the USA with FogDoc’s line of cleaning and lens care products at wholesale prices!

Fog Doc will be sponsoring us thru the 2011 season.Fog Doc will be sponsoring us thru the 2011 season. However, Team Blackrain doesn't want to wait,and we consider sponsorship already in affect.

Fog Doc is a solid company owned by an Old School paintball player Derek Roberts. Very down to Earth to talk with and easy to deal with.

Team Blackrain is excited to have Fog Doc as a 2011 sponsor.


Timmycuddler 03-31-2010 02:56 PM

I'll Sponsor you if you want a small business..
I don't even have a dealer yet just lots of applications sent :p
Welcome to RJs Paintball LLC! - Home of the friendly airsmith.?

rudz 03-31-2010 07:24 PM

Double post

rudz 03-31-2010 07:25 PM

So is this forum for you to logistically plan you games out with yourself?


I know some of you older people forget things, so I guess its helpful to have reminders...


blackrain 04-01-2010 02:02 AM

Yep :D

Deuce 04-01-2010 02:27 AM

Steve, let me know if you're ever in the central Florida area. We can put a game together for out of state visitors.

blackrain 04-05-2010 12:31 AM


Originally Posted by Deuce (Post 1241632)
Steve, let me know if you're ever in the central Florida area. We can put a game together for out of state visitors.

I've always wanted to go to Florida. Who knows maybe one day:)

blackrain 08-14-2010 09:47 PM

Welcome to our newest sponsor:

B&M Chainmaille and Jewelry. He is a local member here by the name of Bradys71.

B&M produces hand crafted custom Jewelry and products,such as ear rings and tank covers. The products we have received from this company are extremely well made. This to me seems to be a craft where one would need patience and looks very time consuming.

The price of these items are worth every penny spent. The team will me showing off the products at Super Game XL in Oregon from the 20 of Aug to the 23 of Aug. So stop on by Team Blackrain tent say high and physically see and touch these items.


blackrain 10-23-2010 07:07 PM

Team Blackrain would like to welcome our latest sponsors:

Foxxyfluff paintball


And our local sponsor First Class Paintball (review to follow).


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