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Custom Sports Jersey

A player named Bringer of Death (He is still active in paintball and still drawing pictures) drew this picture for me in 1996. Since then I have been trying to get it printed,silk screened etc. This has become an obsession with me,it's just taken a long time. Either the price was to expensive or "I'm not sure we can do it","can you put it in this format","we charge $75 to set it up,plus cost and it cost extra cause it's custom". The same story that everyone normally gets.

I'm a fairly plain person. All I wanted was the LOGO of Billy Gunn,the team name and a number. Nothing real fancy.

First off I would like to thank Ivan Peacock for being patient and helping with the design. Even after I said ok to a final print,I stopped it because I noticed something that wasn't right.

Skull was to wide and didn't match with arm sleeve picture:

I contacted Ivan (Company Owner) the next day and we discussed what was wrong. He had no problem with it and within two days I received a new final print proof.
It was just what I wanted and exactly how it should look.

Skull is now the correct size and will fit much better with shirt:

So let's rewind back:

I was going to go with another company that I had used before and was actually ready to give the go ahead. Then I remembered Custom Sports Gear.

Custom Piantball, Motocross Jerseys, Pit Shirts, T-Shirts and More

I had spoken with Ivan Peacock several times in the past about Jerseys and custom made Jerseys. So I went to the site and started to look around. I went into the "Semi Custom" area and found the perfect blank that would fit my design. It was a Red to Black Fade. Just what I needed and wanted.

I liked that the site offered several color fades. This was what helped me make my decision. It was a pre made blank (Semi Custom) and that helps to cut down cost. It was a major selling point for me.

Just one of the premade blanks in fade color:

So I used the information form and sent out my info and logo,to see if it could be done.

The team Logo:

I received my answer back that same day and gave CSG a call. We discussed what I wanted and the printed wording I needed.
Ivan even directed me to a few FONT sites to help me out with lettering. The entire process was explained to me and how everything works.

So we settled on a delivery date and price. I did all needed paper work and paid in full,due to such a small order of two jerseys, full payment was required.

I let Ivan pick out the FONT to be used and basically he had full controll of the Jersey design. I had a few items deleted and changed. I actually liked what Ivan did with the sleeves. Where the skull is just peeking out over the sleeve cuff.

I needed two Jerseys, one for me and one for my Wife. I can say this,my Wife really likes this jersey. She deserves one,since I'm always dragging her to the field to help me and drive me. I was very impresssed at the quality of the picture as well as the fabric used. Only description I can think of is "Athletic Mesh". The shirt is Very Breathable. The entire fabric is Perforated.

What I liked most about this Jersey,was that the only LOGO on it was mine. If your impressed/satisfied with a companies product, word of mouth is always the best form of advertisement.

The colors were amazing. Every color and shade that was on the originol picture is on the Jersey. The fade colors of the jersey were real nice. At one point the red to black almost looks purple. Gives it a nice look. Colors and lines were very CRISP.

Jersey Front:

Jersey Back

Jersey Sleeve


The best part of any Jersey review. Sewn very well. I doubt this will be coming apart anytime soon. I tried to look for any loose strings but I couldn't find any on either jersey. That tells me alot about quality and attention to detail.

Cuffs and collars

They are not restrictive but are snug enough to keep them in place. The are sewn in place very well.

Arms and Athletic mesh:

The athletic mesh is on piece. Which I think is very good idea. One single piece if it has to be replaced or if you ever want to change the color,change mesh type,or just hem up a little.

As you can tell the arms are a single sleeve this version of Jersey is called a standard cut shirt. They are what I think are the easiest to repair. I told Ivan every time I made a Jersey way back in the day,his style of jersey cut was what I used. It so simple, it's effective.

So how does it fit:

Judge for yourself. This is a 2X which I think fits perfect. Yep I'm going to wear it in the woods. I don't play speedball.

Customer service:

Impecable service. I could not have asked for anything better. Always willing to take the extra mile for his customers.
I know Ivan works very hard,because I could here it in his voice everytime I talked with him. He sounds very tired. Customer satifaction is his #1 priority.Quality of service is top notch.

The million dollar question:

Will I buy from CSG again?

You can BET YOUR A$$ I would. I already have a second design ready to go for another 2 Jerseys. Art work was also done by the same person who drew "Billy Gunn".

I would recommend Custom Sports Gear to anyone who wants to buy a Paintball Jersey or a Jersey of some type. CSG sells various designs and Shirts as well as NFL Gear,Hoddies and T-shirts. Buy with confidence.


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EYE 2 EYE Jersey

My Review on EYE 2 EYE Jersey company.

Very nice and I didn't get the run around. Both Kevin and Mark are very friendly to talk with. Helpful with any information you need about your order.Kevin was nice enough to explain the process of how everything would happen and when the shirt would be ready.

Thanks for explaining the sizing process to me.


It took two days for my originol first email to be answered. That is normal for me. They are a business and probably checked to see if things could be changed around on the shirt. I asked for certain design changes to be made. I the received an email to send what I wanted to have done to their Art Dept.

It took time for a response and to be honest I forgot about the Jersey. Normally if I don't get a response with in 48 hrs,I just move on. It's the military in me .
In reality what I should have done was look at the calender counted in my Weekends,before being so judgemental.

8 days later,I received a call, Proofs were sent to me and then paypal was sent. Now that may seem long,but as I started thinking this wasn't really a long process to have items eliminated and items added.

There was one problem. I hadn't heard from EYE 2 EYE for a few days,so I decided to call and see what was going on with the shirt. It had been a week and wanted to see if the shirt had been sent off.

They were printing up a whole batch of other team Jerseys when I called to ask. Mark couldn't even remember what shirt I was talking about . I don't blame him,I think he's running the whole printing line himself,which can get frustrating.

So we spoke and said he would get back with me.The problem was resolved in a few hrs and I received my FED-X tracking number.

So overall from time of originol email, phone contact,and sending it to me,it was a total of 23 days. But take away 6 weekend days and the total business days to my door step was 18 days. That includes the 5 day shipping. Not bad. If I would have order what was already available,I'm sure it would have gotten here much faster. Even with art time included,it's still great timing.

So no pissed off customer here.

I am happy that I ordered the shirts in 3XXX. Thanks to who ever told me about that.They fit me just like a 2X. Which is a great fit. The fit I have noticed in other Jerseys I own depends on how much Athletic Jersey is added to the sides. Personally I cannot complain about the fit.

Design I chose:

I chose a pre made semi custom that they had in their inventory. They had a great feature that let you see the colors that you wanted. I really liked that they had bright colors. I like alot of color.

We chose this premade:

Yes the Pit Crew had a say in the design

Had it changed to this:

I asked for a few items to be removed off the shirt and for the name
"SICK CUSTOMS" to be changed to "TEAM BLACK RAIN".

They did a nice job on the names. They had free will for the fonts to be used.

Real World Pics:

So here we have the Jerseys live and in my hands. They match the proofs that were sent. Actually they look better in person. My Wife really liked the vibrant colors and so do I. So I guess that makes me an even better target in the woods. I searched both shirts for print flaws and could not find one. That says a lot to me,they just aren't kicking jerseys out and not caring.


The fronts:

They are both the same in color combinations and shade. I liked how they were able to put in the "Team Blackrain" wording.

The backs:

Word to the wise,If your going to have your Wife or Girl Friend/Husband,Boy Friend as your Pit Crew, atleast buy them a Jersey. Even if they don't play. It's telling them you're allowing them into your mindless little world It's like your willing to share.
Plus you look organized not matter how big or small your team is. Nothing says TEAM like a jersey.

Just for the record,there is an "I" in TEAM. "I" am the only active team member. Well here's our Jerseys.





My favorite part. Iam a "STICKLER for sewing" I always check that first. It was quality sewing. It's sewn then surged along the seams to prevent fraying of the fabric. I have a feeling this stiching will be in for a long time.

Standard "V" Neck:

Note the sewn seams. It is very comfortable. Wish I could find out where they buy the cuffs and collars. Need that when I make my own playing Jersey from time to time.

Arms and Athletic mesh:

Nice even stiching. No loose threads.

Sleeve cuffs:

So far they are very durable and snap right back into place.

Athletic Webbing:

It's one continuious piece. Starts at the bottom of the shirt and works it's way to the end of the sleeve. The purpose for this is:

"Incase your shirt is to big you can sew a 1/4 seam down the side of the shirt till it fits just right"

I'll explain more when I do my Jersey comparison and types from all the companies I have bought from. It's important to know the style cut that you get and why there is more mesh on one and not the other.

Company order instructions and laundry instructions:

I thought this was originol "Made in Canada eh" Wonder if I'm the only one to catch that?

How does it fit:

Well you tell me. This is a 3X that is about the size of a 2X Over all I was very happy with the fit

Customer service:

I personally am happy with my order. I'll order from EYE 2 EYE again.


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Minor delay. Wrong trigger was sent:

Tech-T was very nice when I explained what happened. I told them I needed the trigger back by a certain day. I have to pay the three day air,but to me it's worth it. They would have sent it for free if I didn't need it back so fast.

Tech-T Fang Trigger and Hair Trigger kit review:

Well my Fang trigger and hair pin trigger arrived today from Tech-T paintball. Now this is something I really had to try out. Asking questions and calling the company made up my mind to buy these items.

Flash backwards. I recently bought an A5,because my MG7 started leaking while I was in California and playing at a local field:

I went to tell the owner good buy and let them know I had a good time.
They said "why leave,we have guns for sale". So I refit on the spot and continued the day playing with my A5. I soon realized why I got rid of my first one. The heavy trigger pull. Once again I was suffering from trigger fatigue.

So soon after I finished my day of play I went to buy a Tippmann A5 HE select fire frame. Brand new on the market. The La Mesa shop was out of them:

They called their Sister shop:

and hooked me up for the next day. This worked out perfect since Mirmar was my next field to play.


It was installed on the spot. Well after playing a game with the A5,I put it away and finished my day with my leaky MG7.

I thought electronic triggers were suppose to make you shoot faster with less resistance. I don't think Tippmann got that memo. I should have just left on the stock trigger. I had worst trigger fatigue then before.

Big tip on E-frames,plastic does not polish up. For $129 I should have gotten metal parts,not plastic. My originol decision was just to sell the whole gun and take a loss. Then I decided to go to the A5OG:

Since I was a member from way back and look for a little info.

Present day:

So here we are ready to install and see what kind of change we get.

Trigger Kit:

Word to the wise. There is a difference in the normal fang trigger kit and the Fang Trigger System X7 & A5 HE. So know which one you are ordering. We received the wrong one which has delayed the review for about a week.

Hair Pin Trigger Kit:

I went ahead and installed this in the A5 HE frame any way. I went out and put air to my A5 after install. All I can say is I noticed a major difference in trigger pull. It's a shame that they don't put in trigger springs with this kit. It would be the ultimate item to complete install for the trigger pull. Now I'll have to wait a week just to get the new trigger kit and make the total adjustments that I need.

Having springs would give the person who cannot afford a full set up with fang trigger, the small advatage needed to for a smoother trigger pull. I did however check on the A5OG and they recommended the pen spring and Q-tip mod. I'll try those at a later date and do a small review on it.

The installation is easy. Go to Tech-T web site for installation instructions. It will give you advise on which pins to instal and what their use is.

Well this is where I'll leave this for now. More will be added once I get the correct Fang Trigger. Pictures will be included of dissasembly and reassembly of trigger group. Pictures of trigger removal and installation will be included.



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Now this is really a no brainer review. This is a simple item,but not a must have for alot of players. Me personally,I had delayed buying one for a few yrs.

Then I saw the Paintball Jug.

I liked the shape of it and the pour spout. I had also never bought anything from our local Paintball vendor,which is very rude since he shows up at all events and gives up personal time instead of playing.

They are easy to make for the budget minded player,but by the time you buy epoxy and clean the jug your using,get all items needed,cut yourself a few times etc etc., this is much cheaper and safer. If your like me and always on the go you really don't have alot of time for a Home Made Version.

That's where a great place like the Paintball Jug company:
The Paintball Jug


FirstClass PB, A dealer that is local to me:
FirstClass Paintball

Teamed up to bring our area this fine product.

I couldn't believe how fast these sold. You could actually hear the Money ringing before the register was even set up.

It also helped that these were featured at a Local big game,which only enhanced sales. That was an excellent sales move by the way.

They are made very well. The pouring spout is very user friendly. Even my Wife who is my Pit Crew did not have an issue. She thought it was a great idea having this.

These come in several colors. I chose the Clear,which in my opinion is better. It lets the pit crew know the ammo status and when it needs to be refilled. Even when it was raining, the paintballs stayed dry and water free. It doesn't take up much room in my gear bag,so that is a plus.

Holds a half case of paint at a time. Top lid seals very well without any issues. Spins on and off perfectly.

The lines on this item are very smooth and round. It's well shaped and has a big handle to grasp and pour.

My personal thoughts are:

It's a must need item if you are a team that has a pit crew and you bulk load paint. Fast on pod reloading. It's a great storage container for your paint. It's affordable and sturdy.

So if you have a $20 bill that you need to spend on paintball,I would recommend this product. Just contact the links that I have posted and you will get all the help you need from these fine folks.

I'll include more pictures and info when I get back from Japan. This review does need more added. For now Iam only going off memory.


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Vendetta Deluxe Pump Kit

By: Blackrain

It’s always good to see Paintball change pace. Sometimes for good and sometimes for bad. Over the past few years the Paintball industry in my opinion has concentrated way to much on the big dollar markers and the big dollar players.

The rec player to me has seemed left behind. All that however has started to change. More and More people are heading back out to the woods. With the introduction of Milsim and all the cool gadgets that you can add on.

Yet there is always that one person out there that defies them all and refuses to change with times, although he must for a time. Yes it’s the pump player!

He’s the guy that doesn’t mind sitting and waiting for his target. Maybe he just wants to build his skill level. The brush and mud are his best friend.

Now there is a company along with others who have evolved for this person. That is Vendetta PB.

I received my Deluxe Pump kit from Paintball (Thanks for answering all the questions Mike). I was really excited when I got it. Upon opening the box, the contents looked as pictured.

It was a nice gill milled Delrin pump handle with Stainless Steel cocking rod, spring and the attaching pump guide hardware. I examined all items carefully and noticed no flaws. Vendetta really paid close attention to detail on this kit. The workmanship is awesome.

So now what to do with this kit. I had three projects going already. Well, why not just start another. So off to look for a deal and I found this nice AIM body at a local PB store.

I’m not really into the 15* ASA so I decided to change it up a little.

I had to rape my other three projects for parts ie frame, hammer.
Now that I was happy with internal choice and parts to be used, I was ready to attach the pump kit.

As you can see from the picture, it is well made. The threads show no sign of miss threading or flat spots. They have nice clean sharp edges as threads should. You will notice that the kit comes with two orings. The first oring seals the pump guide to the stabilizer and the second oring seals the stabilizer to the body. The oring grooves are very smooth and no sign of burs or machine marks.

The guide rod and stabilizer attach to the body via Cresent wrench. It has wrench flats milled into the guide body. This is a nice feature. This is what gets my money. Extra Features like this that are added and make the items user friendly. I did not use any thread tape or sealing compound. I had all the faith in the world that this kit would not leak. I was right!

Here is a nice picture of what it looks like attached. It went on very smooth by hand. I used the Wrech for the last bit of tightening to get a good seal. I added the recoil spring also.

Time to add the rest of the kit.

Let's take a look at the set up that was used for testing. There is no air system pictured. I did however use an HPA bottle with remote line for testing.

The pump action was VERY SMOOTH. I shot about 200 rounds thru the marker. I noticed no binding, side play. The pump was very stable. The side grooves were a nice added feature. I was able to maintain grip with out any slipping. I just wish that I had auto trigger to really test it out. 200 rounds take along time with single pump action lol. I also tried the pump without the recoil spring. I really didn’t like it as much.

One great feature I liked about the pump was the finger groove. This is the groove on the front. I had spoken with Mike at Paintball Ace and he mentioned this to me. I had to try it out. I was able to pump the marker with one finger. Just as smooth using the whole hand. This will be a nice feature for you mud eaters that like to snipe. It will give you a lower profile. The spring is also an excellent feature. Unlike the standard version, the recoil spring is to the out side of the pump and rides on the main guide.

The stabilizer also comes with a Stainless Steel stabilizer bar. Located at the lower portion of pump. This helps to prevent binding and rotational play.
It is very solid for such a tiny bar.

I was very happy with this product. It was well worth the buy. Although it looks familiar to other designs on the market, you really can’t beat the price and craftsmanship. I’m sure if the price were lower, more would be sold. Many people would think that the price is high, but they never figure in machining, programming and everything else in between. As everything in Paintball, competion is really what brings down prices. This pump kit will give just that.

I only had one down fall about this kit. I really like acrylic pump handles. As of this writing, the company did not have any. I’m sure that to keep up with players demands, some will be made.

I would recommend this kit to anyone that plays Pump. Compared to other kits,this one is just as good if not better.
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Donot ask me what I paid for this, I will tell you. What everyone else paid

If you are looking for an SC feed made with quality and craftmanship, then NOXX55 has it. The Cram and Jam is exactly what it is:
Cram or Jam in the 10 rnd feed tube. It can't get any simpler people.

I'm going to write an honest review on what I received. I would like all questions directed to NOXX55. He is the maker, Iam the user. I will comment on how well it feed the paintball.
This item will not be used for quit a while. As it belongs to a project gun that is awaiting a special color that is being made as I write this.

I received it just as you see it in the picture, Raw and unanodized. I like to get my parts like this, that way I can finish them either at the anodizer or Graphic shop.
NOXX55 Does offer these anodized, it's just that Raw Aluminum is my flavor.
Yes I did steal NOXX's pictures.

The Angel threads were cut very nice. I did have a little difficulty trying to screw it in. However that was due to the AIM body I was using. The top of the feed is a little tight.
I was able to work it in and now I don't have a problem screwing it on and off.

Side View:

Front View:

Inside view from the bottom and rear end:
Nicely cut. Very clead channel for the ball to travel down and roll into the feed.
As you can see the inside from the rear view, it is cut very clean and smooth. It's perfect for the ball to hit. Just enough room for the job to get done with out any dead space for it to roll around in.
Also there is a green sleeve in the rear. This give the extra grip to ensure that the tube stays firmly in place.

The Cram and Jam also comes with a set screw to hold in place, once it's attached to the body.
The only problem with the set screw, is that it does not have a plastic tip like the AM Illusion feeds had.
I'm positive this correction is in the works, or mine wasn't replaced before it left.
Either way it's a minor detail to me, but others may feel it will scratch up their anodizing.

It does feed very well. I hand operated the bolt while feeding rounds thru the gun. I did not get any binding nor double feeds. However for a real honest review, I would need to play with it.
If it feeds like it does now, I should not even have a problem.

I did want to make a point here. The body used isn't exactly the best body to use. Nothing can really improve the looks of an AIM body. The feed milling is just weird.
Regardless,it does work.
This feed really needs to be used on a close to the body feed. It would compliment the gun it's used on.
On a side note, This didnot fit my JAKAL Machine Paintgun.
It's not NOXX's fault, It's the JAKAL's fault,feed neck is just to high and threads are down to low in the feed neck.

My overall thoughts:

If you don't buy one, then you are missing out. NOXX has provided a service that has long been needed in the Paintball community.
Players Cried for it, so NOXX stepped up. So show him your support.
I also like the fact,that because I got it RAW, I can shape it a little with my files and buffer.
Give it a more rounder nose and top If I desire. That's just me,it all depends what body I use this on.
I'm kind of obsessive when it comes to matching parts as close as I can.
The big question:
Would you buy another? Why yes I would, because it is a quality part made by a quality person. The price was decent and this should help lower the price of the AM Illusion feeds that are drifting around out there.
I'll give this an overall rating of 9-7/8 due to the allen screw.
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Vest Review:

Ok so everyone has seen my " How To Build a Tacical Vest". Now here is the review.
Total cost was $107.00.
I know you can buy cheaper out there, but those vest are usually "fixed made". Meaning you have to settle for what the manufature offers you, or you have to follow the Paintball popularity crowd.
I bought what I wanted and set my vest up the way I wanted. I care less if I'm set up like a heavy gunner, sapper or what ever else name people brand themselves with.
Technically if you look at it I'm just carrying a basic "COMBAT LOAD" of paintball magazines compared to Military which is six 30 round clips.
Everything is MOLLE. I like MOLLE, but it might not be everyones flavor. However I used it for my guid, reanson being if I'm not happy with the set up I can change it around per my playing style.

So on with the review:

Carry Pouch:
Very well made and worth the money I paid. I knew if I waited long enough and search, I would find one at a great deal. It's dule zippered, came with a velcroed American flag and has many pockets for such items as an ID, multi tool, keys, etc. Your imagination dictates it's use. I really didn't find a need for the two hooked laces, so I cut them out.

Hydration pouch:
Found this way less than the big names sell it for. To be honest half the price. It also comes with a bladder. Once again well made. No loose sewing, no blemishes, very good stiching. Also has MOLLE webbing on back of pack to add more gear. This also has 4 MOLLE straps for attaching to the vest( thanks for the reminder Daryl).

Pod pouches:
These would have been alot less expensive if I would have searched "Cheaper than Dirt" cataloge alot a little longer. I bought these from Opsgear. They were a decent price and on sale so they were what I needed to match my vest. Well made no loose stiching. Velcroed flaps with snaps. Snaps are not hard to pull apart. so you won't need a pair of vise grips to open the flap to get the 100 rnd POD. Since I had 100 RND pods, that was the type of carriers I needed.

The belt:
Picked this up from RAP4 a few yrs ago. Or did I buy it from someone on MCB. Can't really remember. Still brand new. Came with 2ea 9mm pouches.

The vest:
I saved this for last so I could go in depth with it. It is well made. It really exceeds the price I paid for it. The zipper is plastic, just like on my other vest and those that are sold elsewhere. It's sturdy. Has two front clips. The MOLLE webbing was sewn in very well.
I didn't notice and stiching coming undone or any webbing out of line. Weaving in the gear was not a problem.
Perfect spacing for the straps. Has two velcro patches on each breast side. I imagine those are for "Blood type patches or unit patches or other military items of intrest" Maybe it helps certain gear attch better. Either way it's for attachment.
It adjust on the sides. I like this. Iam a ROUND PERSON, so this helps alot. I adjust them all the way out. Still not restrictive.
The soulder straps are adjustable. This will let you make the vest drop lower or pull it up a little more. I like this feature, helps to cover my "ROUNDNESS".

Vest inside:
I imagine if I was really into scenario games the inside would be very helpful. It has to zip up pockets on each side on the vest. Would be good for storing maps, orders, secret agent stuff etc. Mesh is sewn in very well and zippers are too.
The back netting can be used to put in a hydration bag and then put on the vest. Personally if I was going to do that, I would sew down the mesh just to form a nice pocket so the hydration bag is limited in it's movement. Doing this will free up the back of the vest for spare gear, pods or a pack.

Back of vest:
This is really the only problem I see. To me there is not enough webbing on the back. One thing I hate is any gear smacking me on my rear end or just plain riding low. So I will add about 4 rows of webbing to correct this issue. I have 50 yards of the stuff, why not use it.

Like I said, 50 yards of the stuff. lol I'll make a tactical sling with it. I have the correct clips laying around.

So here it is all finished up.
I haven't put on the Hydration pouch till I do the Webbing mod.

So let me know what you think. I know I got my Monies worth. Do I feel that this will work for me? Yes I do. Like I said, I need a vest to travel with, so this is my choice. I hope whatever everyone else buys will fit their wallet and budget.
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AGC Grenade a disappointment:

Well it's a good thing I was in the Army. Because I didn't receive instructions. Instinct just said pull the pin and throw. 5 sec,10 sec.15 sec.finally 20 sec and bang.

Let's start from the begining:
This is what it came in. A butter container of some sort.The packaging was bubble wrap on the outside of this container:

I could tell that the paint was green,because there was a small leak. Wish I would have taken a picture,but I didn't. My fault.

After the long awaited bag here are the results of splatter. Nice thick fill: Pay close attention to the metal frag that blows off.

What it looks like inside. All I see here are a lot of stiches and field owner medical builds climbing. Note the sharp edges on the inside fire mechanism. This can cut open a knee/leg on a diving or sliding player.

My over all view is that of an unsafe item that can cause more damage then good. Field owners would have to police frags on a constant basis.
What you see in the pictures above is the entire distance parts and paint traveled when blown up.
This may sound bias to some,because I make my own paint grenades. However those that know me,know I only tell the truth about products that I have used. I'm more used to an affect such as this:

However I do see a great application for these. They would best be suited for real life military training in a training town (mount site). The feel is close to the real thing. The spoon operates the same way as a normal frag.
If I were this company,I would get the fire mechanism to work properly and push these for military training applications. Cook off time is important in training, and for now it just seems un reliable for even that type of application.
Comments good or bad are welcome. My over all recommendation is to keep these off the field. For the price, they were a little to high,but I just had to check it out. I gave these guys a good feed back on Ebay.For the shipping and getting it to me. It did arrive in one peice. I would buy from them again if the item was better improved on, safer and more reliable.
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FOG DOC Lense cleaner and Defogger

This will be a continuious review. Hopefully I can test this in a number of climates and another country later this yr. 2011.

Fog Doc is not my sponsor nor did I receive this item for free. Any free items that he included in the package will be handed out to players at my local field for evaluation. We have asked Fog Doc if they would like to be a part of our sponsorship for next season,that is completely up to the company.

Let's all be honest here,nothing is completely FOG PROOF. However the better the product,the less fog and longer time it will take. So far I have not found anything that will keep my lenses fog free. It's really bad when you pay $24.00 for a pair of thermal lense and they wont do the job. That says alot of how a product really works. If Fog Doc works the way I want it to,and so far it has,I doubt I'll ever spend cash on another pair of double pane thermal lenses again.I'm not here to prove this product wrong nor any other. I'm just here to show what I think is the best to use and how well they all compare to each other.

Fogdoc - Your Prescription to Clarity - Antifog and Steam Removal

I have been wanting to try this for a long time. Every product that I have used that said Defogger has failed me. I sweat alot.

As soon as it hit's 70* I begin to sweat and fog up my lenses. So I have been kind of putting off on a purchase of Fog Doc.

Well I'm going to trying and see what happens here in the wet cold State of Washington.

Also this is made by a member on MCB and It's always good to back up the local business. So Stupiddogg,thanks for going thru all the trouble of developing this product and releasing it first on MCB .

19 Aug 2010

I received everything as ordered,plus I was sent a few more items to hand out at our local event that will be in Sept.
I also call the owner to let him know I received the items and how I would be using the product. I found out that he has been making this stuff longer than anyone knows and longer than most people have been playing.

The Fog Doc roots started with paintball many yrs ago,and has now expanded into many areas of sports and industry.

I ordered the DELUXE package. Why not,it was very well priced. It had a spray bottle with cleaning fluid, jar of fog repellent and a soft wipe cloth.

The test:

21 Aug 2010

Our first test took place at Super Game XL in Oregon:

It was hot, muggy (West Coast Hot) and in the 80's. As soon as I put on my mask I started sweating and fogging. Now I promised Derrick I would test Fog Doc using my fan and helmet,using the helmet only and no fan use. Promise not kept on day 1.

The area for testing was open field with structure both days. I didn't know the area very well,so I just stayed where I was comfortable.

Hopefully we will get a little woods testing in the next few weekends.
I threw on a little Fog Doc and rubbed it in till a haze formed on my lense. I let it sit for a little over a min. I then wiped it off with the cloth provided. I rubbed some on the outer lense and let it sit the same amount of time and wipped off.

So day one and off to the field. After numerous gun problems and frustration I was finally able to get on the field. Not much testing time,but was able to do a little. So I didn't like the Skate Helmet I had,it just fit to tight,so all I wore was a Bandana.

I don't know why I always choose to test during a big event,but I do. So now that I was able to get a working gun I was off to play and test.

I used my fan out of habit for the first two hrs of play and then the next two hrs I used straight Fog Doc with the fan on the mask covering all the top ventilation it could. Now normally this isn't a good idea. You want to have all the ventilation you can get for a proper air flow. The Fog Doc worked flawless. I ran two hrs without a fan and a little fog started creeping up from the bottom of my lenses near the end of the day.
To me this is a success. Especially since I can put another type of no fog on my lenses and I begin to fog up right away. Usually I will start to fog up as soon as I stop and get bunkered down or have to move slow. However this didn't happen with the Fog Doc. I had a clear view everywhere I went or hunkered down at.

22 Aug 2010:

Next day of event and testing.

Well I got smart and decided to check around the vendor tents and found a nice helmet that fit perfect with my DYE I3 and Fan. I had to keep my promise.

Now I was set. A little Fog Doc and I'm good to go. The helmet fit right over my fan and top mask ventilation. So now Iam completely with out top ventilation. So worse case I'm going to fog up right away. After the first two hours of play,running,stopping and slow walks back to the resurrection point, there wasn't any sign of fog appearing on my lense. I decided to come back out and reload. Went back with the fan on. Same results.

I did have problems both days and it something that both Fog Doc nor my fan could fix. That was sweat. I can say that the Fog Doc helped to bead away the sweat that made it on my lense. I do sweat alot and the foam just retains it. I actually have to ring out the foam when I come off the field. And the DYE I3 foam is thick. So I never get all the sweat out.

So over all with minor ventilation,I had no fogging issues. Now I have to wait for the rain and cold to arrive so I can do some more testing. I'll still evaluate the Fog Doc till then.

Derrick wants to get all the info he can from around the US and world to see what's happening to players on the fields. When you give info,make sure when you send feed back,make it mature. There also is a reason instructions are included and a soft cloth. Wiping away the the solution or repellent with a bath towel or dish towel will ruin any lense we use in our sport.

Bath towels and dish towels are very ABRASIVE and are like SAND PAPER on your LENSE. Use the micro fiber towel provided or just order more micro fiber towels from Fog Doc.

I feel two hr increments are best for testing at this time. As time goes on and weather gets worse I will add more time to the testing periods with and without fan. I'll also write some more about the spray on cleaning solution. For now I can say it does clean up a goggle shot very good nad leaves the lense sparkling if used correctly.

So for now we'll stop. I'm actually waiting for the rain and cold in a wooded/shaded enviroment.

6 Sept 2010

Tub and TV test

Ok this is what's call the Bath tub TV test. My Wife enjoys watching here DVD player while soaking in her large sunk in bath tub. This morning I cleaned her glasses with Fog Doc. After a long day of driving me to the paintball field and shopping,she decided to take a HOT bath and soak for a while, and watching her DVD player.

Now to get the idea of hot water,the mirror with the hot water steam. I don't think she uses cold water at all. We have a big bathroom too.
When she was done,she asked me to post this up and let everyone know that her glasses did not fog up.

So we now know if you watch TV and soak in your tub,Fog Doc will come in handy.

11 Sept 2010

Virginia testing:

So Team Blackrain is now on the East coast. Temp today was in the 80's and a little humid. So last night I decide to clean the mask and switch out to clear lenses. So I rub on some Fog Doc and add the sponsor sticker:

At first it looked like sticker would block my vision. After wearing them,I realized that the sticker is above my line of sight. Perfect!
So I go out for about 3-1/2 hrs of play. I'm still very Jet lagged and got off to a late start today.

Well I decided to test without adding another coat of Fog Doc. What I had on was about 12 hrs old. So that a good start point for testing. Let's test how long this stuff really protects.
Well I went thru the whole day without fogging. I still have my fan blocking and upper ventilation on my mask and still wore my helmet,which blocks any and all upper ventilation.

So I hit the field sweating like a PIG. By this time I'm fogged up and walking off the field to clean my lense. Well not this time. Although Iam blind with out my glasses,I still had clear vision throughout the game. I take one to the googles and head back to clean up. Get out a baby wipe and clean my lense of all the shell and heavy paint. Then I use a little Fog Doc spray and make my lense sparkle.

Baby Wipes are your friend.

So back out for another 3 games. Still no fogging. Now I'm feeling a little breeze, which is perfect for me,cause it won't even go under my helmet to keep me cool. So still sweating like a PIG with no fogging.

We take a lunch break. Now it's time for the real test. Wearing my Glasses under my mask. Now I know many have had great success using glasses under their mask,but not me. I clean the lenses with Fog Doc Spray and then apply Fog Doc. Epic fail for me. I can't blame Fog Doc,because I've been using it on my glasses all week,walking from Air Condition into high humid heat without fogging. I'm thinking the problem lies with the mask. Even when I turned my fan on full max with the helmet off I still get the same results even when I wore a bandana,fogged glasses. I use a DYE I3 with double pain lenses.

Eventually I'll buy a different mask for testing. My recent one is a few yrs old and needing new foam. That can also be an issue is the foam. Or the air pocket that I have between my lenses and glasses.

So off with the glasses and back out for a few more games. Same results as before,no fogging at all. Not even a creep up. I can say I'm having good results in muggy heat. Hopefully I'll have a better OTG (over the Glasses) report in the very near future.

UPDATE 20 Sept 2010:

Field report from I LUV STRATS. Paul is the local gun tech at Northwest paintball in Silverdale ,Wa. Paul also maintains the rental gear from guns to goggles. I left him a jar of Fog Doc prior to leaving on my trip. Here's his response:

"Had the pleasure to use fogdoc for two big games today and it has far surpassed any other anti fog solution I've ever used. Today was very rainy and muggy and had 0 fog on my glasses. With all the running around I did I had no problems. Jim and Kim have been very impressed by it as well. I"ve put fogdoc on quite a few random rental goggles to see if anyone would come looking for anti fog solution and those rental players never came up. I"ve also put fogdoc on regular walk on players goggles and glasses with great results. This is by far the best stuff on the market hands down."

Thanks for the info and please keep me updated. Also what type of mask does the field use?

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Gen X Global Helmet:

I was at a recent Super Game in Oregon:


I knew I would need some head protection and decided to buy a Tony Hawk Skate helmet. Well after modifying it and making it fit,it still didn't feel comfortable. So I went out with just a bandana and ended up taking a head shot. Yea it hurt.

So the next day at the event I decided to check out Extreme Velocity venders booth to see if anything new had been placed out.

Extreme Velocity -- Cheap Paintball Guns, evil paintball, Paintball Masks, reloaders

Then I saw it,the GEN X GLOBAL helmet. It was very light weight and just the perfect color,OD Green. This is a Kevlar shaped helmet.

I tried it on with my DYE I3 and it was a perfect fit. The cost to me was just $14.00,but that could have been Event Day Special Price.
The problem I have always had with helmets, dealers couldnot tell me if they would fit with my Mask or not. That's the advantage of being at big events or your local shops selling them. Vendors are your best friends at Big Events.

This is a real nice set up. I was able to use my fan underneath it and even when I didn't use my fan,I didn't fog up for several hours. However I was using Fog Doc

Fogdoc - Your Prescription to Clarity - Antifog and Steam Removal

on my lenses,so that helped alot. I thought that the helmet provided enough air flow to keep me cool. I sweat alot,and I didn't notice an excessive sweating with the helmet on my head.

I did take a few shots on the head and I could hear them instead of feeling them,which made my day more enjoyable. I knew when I was hit in the head,because of the ECHO PING that I could hear. I got a paint check and a few times there weren't any breaks,but Ricochets off the helmet.

Personally I feel it's well worth the price for head protection. I've taken a few that have hurt and for those who are still shooting Monster Ball this might just be your best protection against the painful hit assocciated with the paint.

Head shots aren't nice and I would advise anyone to buy head protection. I finally got lucky finding what really fit and actually worked for me. Plus it gives you that great milsim look.

So just follow links I posted and give the fine folks at Extreme Velcoity a call.

I imagine if I put slits in the bill area I could get better ventilation for my fan system,but it works great for now as is.

Side view:

Rear view of who distributes the helmet,so I take it that GEN X GLOBAL does the distibution to dealers:

Adjustable webbing:

Single strap security:


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