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blackrain 08-03-2010 04:01 PM

B/S/T Forum
All payments will be done thru paypal. I only except money orders from those I have dealt with in the past. If you send me a Money Order you will put a "SIGN RECIEPT" form with it. It's for your protection as well as mine. That way you and I are both positive that your money got to me.


I have gotten permission from Painthappy to sell and trade items. It will be just excess gear from 20 yrs that I have laying around and some new gear. My main goal is to get rid of 98% and collect newer stuff that I need. So trades are welcome.

If you have ever done business with me before,You know Iam very easy to deal with. Usually you'll come out ahead on the deal. I don't ship first or at the same time unless I really know you and we have done a few trans actions in the past.

I ship with tracking numbers and provide insurance,depending on the item you bought. Always a tracking number with me. I expect you do the same. They are free at the post office.

I don't have the stupid rules that some post,so I don't care what your feedback is,you deal with me we go by my rules. Which are very relaxed.If I post up an OBO, show a little respect and don't send me a PM or email with a "so lowball" offer that you think I'll bite,cause I won't.

So I'll take pics and update as the days go on.


BringerofDeath 08-03-2010 04:14 PM

Buy with confidence. :)

blackrain 12-04-2010 04:46 PM


Just PM me or post up in thread.
No special rules for me

I will accept USPS Money orders only. Will not ship till MO clears. Not looking for trades, Cash only.

Will ship to Lower 48 states and all US territories. Territories shipping depends on what Post office charges. Will ship Over Seas and to Canada,shipping price will change. USA funds only.

If you are in Afghanistan,I know you can use this for repair on gear/equipment. You're exempt from any extra shipping charges and get priority mail. will only ship APO/FPO addy.

Once all this is sold,I will begin to put up more fabric for sale. Just want to get rid of this stuff first.

Multicam is 1000D cordura with water proof backing. This is milspec stuff. Not really sure how much is here,but it's all I have left. I'll even include 3 feet. of multicam 1" webbing with it at no extra charge.

Price is $26.00 shipped regular mail.

Belle approves this sale

These are rough square estimates

Large Square:-30"x22"

Small square:-14"x16"

Long Strip:-39"x7"

short strip:-23"x7"

Snake Skin

This is a cotton backed flannel type material. I'm sure it can be used for may items. This is the last of what we have. Belle's bed is being made out of it. Probably can make a nice pillow out of this or a stuffed snake.

Snake skin $15.00 shipped regular mail


Belle approves this sale


blackrain 12-28-2010 06:05 PM

future sales on the way

blackrain 01-27-2013 06:49 PM

For sale Mummy FOBS:

"These will be sent slow boat from China mail, which means standard USPS mail"

These do not have 7 strands inside the cover. Skull will not allow. Not for survival situation. Might be good for a shoe lace till you can buy another set. Mostly for key chain decoration.

These are all 3"-3/4" long. I'll include a P38 and gold color key ring all brand new.


$6.00 each shipping included. Paypal ONLY

So IM me if you are interested in buying.

Colors are:

2ea Blue,Yellow and green. 1 Mummy and 1 swirl

1ea ACU swirl

Blackrain :)

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