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They go further and hit harder, and are accurate enough that a scope works. It's hard to ignore how much of an improvement they are.
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oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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I would have to say that 600 feet is not a "mediocre" improvement...
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First strikes are definitely more accurate.
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as an owner of a T9 with FS kit, I do believe it's worth the money. I can ATEMPT to pick off idiots who stand still out of standard ranges. I can snipe groups. I CANNOT hit someone running from one cover to another and on the move.

Just the other players KNOWING I have a FS marker and rounds has changed the way our group operates. More cover, more moving, and unfortunately, more shooting at me. But it has changed our game.

At the new $0.40/rd pricing i'll be willing to shoot more FS rounds. The lower the price goes, the more i'll shoot. There are now 2 FS markers in our group, and I expect to see more in the future with the new pricing on the 9.1. Is this a good thing? Not for me. I'm just learning to keep moving, and get good cover!

For woodsball/scenario, this HAS changed the game a little. Do I like the change? Well, I like the OPTION of having it. Knowing that there is somebody out there with one makes the game more challenging and exciting. Will this revolutionize the sport? Of course not. this isn't like he tech jump from semi to auto, this is like the invention of the AGD sixpack. A minor jump at an increased cost giving a player a minor edge on the competition.
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