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Question Stock for the 9.1

Hey guys I've been googling Tiberius 9.1 info for a while now and they always come attached to a car (adjustable) stock. Is this the only stock that can be attached? If not where can I find (pictures at the very least) one that is fixed?

also what part of the gun has the serial number on it? and how easily is it disassembled for postage.

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I don't have one, but from the video reviews I saw on the Tib forum it looks like the car stock or a tank-in-stock are the only currently available stocks for the 9.1. The stock screws into the rear on/off asa on the 9.1 and is kept in place with a locking screw from the side. As it mounts to the rear asa you could also use a gas through t-stock or a bottle.

I'm not sure about the serial number, but they disassemble in a similar manner to the T9 -> pistol + front shroud + stock + sight + accessories.
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