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Black Nickel Tiberius 8

I just bought a used black nickel T8, one of the ones used to replace the "not safe for paintball" SA-8's that were sold by Pepperball. All I can say is WOW!

I had read that these had factory blemishes, but I can't see any on the on the one I got. Fingerprints show up REAL easy, but a quick rub with a soft cloth and Bob's yer uncle.

I'm actually glad that the SA-8 problem occurred or these gorgeous nickel bodies would still be sitting in a warehouse somewhere. I guess I'm a bit biased to nickel finishes as I've been a PPS owner/fan for just over a decade now. Only problem I have now is do I actually want to take this marker into the woods and risk scuffing it up...

I can't take any new pics because my wife is out with our camera, so here's some pics that the preivous owner posted in the FS thread.

Guess I'll have to find a new gif for my sig now.

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... at first glace all looked good, but then I found a crack in the butt.

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How about ?

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love my black nickel t8 too! also couldn't find the blemish on it.
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I have one as well that I picked up used, though I prefer to call it Black Chrome

I hear that there are only 122 of them in existence.
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They're pretty and very shiny. I blinded myself with mine. Stupid sun.
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I dig mine. The blemish is a tiny little blob of non-shiny towards the back of the 'slide' where the back cap screws in. Looks like a drop of dried sperm or something.
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The "Blems" on mine rubbed off with just a little elbow grease.
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I love mine so much I'm in the process of aquiring another. So I can dual wield.
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Lemmi Necro this quick...

I just picked up a used Black Nickle T8 and i have to agree, super awesome looking! I have been goofing around shooting some paint through it, collecting mags, and trying to figure out what kind of vest i should put together to use this as my primary!
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sQuidvision: here is a review of pretty much every form of setup known for pistols written by a great guy from the tiberius forums

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