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PistolRogue 11-27-2010 06:21 PM

Betasniper's Reverse Mag Release Install How-To
I took some pics as I installed one of my reverse mag releases and decided to write a how-to to help out others who might have a little bit of trouble with the install. It's fairly simple, but hey, someone not so technically inclined might find it a little daunting or try to overcomplicate things for themselves.

Materials needed:
A Tiberius T8/8.1/9/9.1
A Betasniper Mag Release

Tools needed:
-Whatever you normally need to disassemble your Tiberius T8/T9
-A pair of needle nose pliers, longer is better here

This is what you will receive in the mail:

You want to start off by stripping your T8/T9 down to the bare gripframe:

Then locate the backside of the stock release and its return spring:

Using your needle-nose pliers (long ones are best since you're reaching into a tight area), grab the spring and gently pull it back:

As you pull back the spring, use a free finger to push the release out to the right side of the gripframe until you clear the spring, then remove it entirely:

Now, insert your shiny new mag release from the left side of the frame:

Using your pliers to hold the spring back (like you did when removing the original release), wiggle the new release through to the other side. Also take the time to turn the spring so that the looped/bent part at the tip faces to the right (it faces left with the stock release):

Then simply seat the spring into the spring pocket on the new release:

Then put a mag in and test for proper operation! Remember: First-Strike mags need to have the release catch machined all the way across for them to work with the Betasniper reverse release!

Then reassemble your pistol and go assassinate some electro-wielding clowns :gunsfiring:

Ir0nExpress 11-28-2010 06:17 AM

Good writeup, those switches are a Godsend.

betasniper 11-28-2010 10:23 PM

I am Beta Sniper and I approve this method of installation. :)

Julien 11-28-2010 10:26 PM

so, what is the advantage of having these mag releases?

betasniper 11-28-2010 10:56 PM

You could release the magazine with your trigger finger instead of twisting the gun in hand to get to release it with your thumb. (unless you have big hands, this is the common way of releasing the mag) Lefties are used to releasing the magazine with their trigger finger and I liked how the stock release worked when I used my left hand. But Since I am not a lefty, I decided to use tens of thousands of dollars worth of machinery to make a low dollar part. I posted my mod in this forum and got some requests of making some. So I did. Although I didn't post up an installation guide. I can install a release in a matter of seconds, but that is because I'm used to taking my marker appart and checking to see if the release's I have made fit (I made about 6 revisions before I got it close to perfect). I appreciate ITSPB-Rogue for making this fine guide.

ITSPB-Rogue: I hope you don't mind, I am going to link to this thread in my sig for installation instructions.

PistolRogue 11-29-2010 12:21 AM


Originally Posted by Julien (Post 1568590)
so, what is the advantage of having these mag releases?

The biggest advantage is that you can eject the mag without having to shift your grip on the pistol at all. Just draw your trigger finger back to the release and push. That way you can change a mag while still on target if you need to. Not saying that would happen often, but with enough practice it could make for some REALLY fast changes.


I appreciate ITSPB-Rogue for making this fine guide.

ITSPB-Rogue: I hope you don't mind, I am going to link to this thread in my sig for installation instructions.
No problem man, happy to help :D

MIDNIGHTANGELZ 11-29-2010 01:10 AM

+ The stock plastic mag releases will lose its "glide" after a while friction becomes an issue where the mag won't automatically snap in when is suppose to and the release will be stuck in place at times- sometimes due to paint captured in between the release and the gun BUT NO WORRIES after you purchase THIS ! So call right within the next 5 minutes and we'll even throw in a tracking number for just 4 easy payments of 5.95! (disclaimer : +19.95 to ship) JUST MESSIN << ITS WAAAY CHEAPER!


Jk Its an EXCELLENT addition Featured in my Dual Pistol Kilcam Videos on youtube... Part 5 will have both installed and a dedicated portion of how easily and quickly it will allow a dual reload ;)

betasniper 11-29-2010 01:32 AM


And it is cheaper than $43.75, so don't be afraid (of what you caaaaaa aaaaaan't seeeeee, It's only meeeeee, Don't be aafraid, It's only me)(Sorry for music reference)
To order.
You will like the way it works. I guarantee it. [/men's warehouse rip off]

VooDooAddict 11-29-2010 01:07 PM

This is a must have mod for the dual Tac8/8.1 users.

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