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What people say at the field

What do people say at the field about your t8/t8.1. (Sorry t9/t9.1/t4 users, but your gun doesn't look like a pistol, so i don't think your comments are the same unless you run it as a pistol.

Anyways, all I know is I get many comments on my pistol, and how my only primary is a pistol. I do fairly good at my field with a pistol, and can get quite a few people out, so I just want to hear what others say about your pistol play.
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They say, "watch out for that sneaky guy with the pistol".
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"Did you forget your marker?" is a common one I got last summer. Lacking a proper holster I often just tucked it into one of the large cargo pockets on my jacket.

I got a lot of "Wow, that guy must be good", which I would get with any marker, and I assumed had more to do with wearing a full matching suit of knock off CADPAT and being on a team.

I also got a lot of the general questions "What is it, how does it work, is it more accurate, etc, etc." which is common with anything that doesn't look like the rental markers. (I got similar comments when I still had my Tippmann Triumph. I was surprised at the number of people who thought that power drill was some how superior to their 98c Rentals. The only difference was I had a lighter trigger, and had to remember to turn it on. And more surprised at the number of people who wouldn't believe me, even after I told them.)

I get the odd person commenting on wanting to try playing pistol only.

But mostly it is just "Cool!".
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"Your bringing a PISTOL into the TRENCHES!?!?" -Ref Terry

"Two kills and a surrender with a Tac8. I like it." -Impressed Ref

"Is that an airsoft gun?" -stupid airsofter

And an assortment of other comments along those lines.
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I always like the "Wait!? You shot me with that?" as if by shooting them with a pistol i have insulted them
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Anybody get the "that looks like the gun/pistol from robocop"? I've gotten that a couple times.
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I always seem to get "We want the guy with the pistol on our team. He MUST be good!"
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I got called pistol boy. I was running my 8.1 only.
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Even though my callsign is Blind (I have a giant patch on the back of my vest which states this) I always get referred to as "pistol"

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im not good enoufh with pistol yet to be called anything. They would most likely say the speedball guy since I wear a mcb jersey but my pants aren't speed.
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