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Mr.Smith 01-31-2012 06:43 PM

Useful Resources for Tiberius Owners
Hey all,

Theres been a bunch of threads in the past month about "My first tiberius pistol" that were asking about taking the pistol apart, mods for it, etc... And thought it might be beneficial to make a thread people could simply look at, instead of asking the question again and again. The internals are pretty different from most markers, so it's understandable.

Before I go any further, the phone number for TA is 260-478-2500. They're super helpful and in my experience will send you parts for free 9 times out of ten.

All manuals for Tiberius markers can be found here:
Manuals | Tiberius Arms Paintball Markers

(Probably the most helpful but by all means watch the others, there's more later on talking about first strike)

Tiberius Arms Tech Talk: Bolt Push
In this video, Pete shows us how to check if the bolt is pushed when your marker won't fire. The reason for this is that the bolt will not catch the sear if already behind it during assembly.

[CENTER]Tiberius Arms Tech Talk: Gun Body Assembly
In this video Tiberius Arms shares some tips and techniques as they walk you through how to disassemble and reassemble the gun body components.

Tiberius Arms Tech Talk: T8.1 Handle Removal and Installation
This video shows how to remove and install the handle from the T8.1 pistol. The same process is used to remove and install the handle from the T9.1 and T8 and T9 models.

Disassembly of the X.0 Series: DskIGoKEkrXE1o6zWWIVmw9JI]Tiberius Arms T-8 break down - YouTube

While the above video is great, it doesn't give you any info whatsoever on the most daunting piece of the marker; The trigger group and assembly. This video highlights this:]t-8 Regulator - YouTube

Another part of the marker that isn't shown in the main disassembly video is the "engine", bolt, or back block assembly. This video really only applies to the x.0 marker, but something can still be learned for the X.1 series: DskKxJLcLd3FUBFy_b2nNTeEB]Tiberius Arms Air Chamber - YouTube

Capping off the disassembly videos, is the one highlighting the bolt push. I think i can safely say this is the #1 reason Tiberius markers fail to function, and it's a simple fix. Make sure to push the bolt forward while disassembling:

Dissasembly Of the X.1 Series:

So im not sure what happened with Tiberius Arms posting Youtube videos, but they didn't continue that through the .1 series. Two guys, 'Modern Intel" made two youtube videos walking you through it. It's not that different from the X.0, but still nice to have correct resources.

Part 1: DskIkLVUOe9oTYvDsh0Pdtzjy]Tiberius 8.1 Disassembly (Part 1 of 2) - YouTube

Part 2:]Tiberius 8.1 Disassembly (Part 2 of 2) - YouTube

Tiberius 4.0 Dissasembly
Also done by ModernIntel, I've only skimmed the first few minutes of the video but it seems fairly complete. Im going to be searching for an exploded parts diagram for this in the future.

Bolt Polishing

This is another common thing that is asked about around here, and i thought i'd include it. Lord Odin made a great video guide to doing it, so ill put it up. He covers everything in detail, great video: DskLCkK_cCO3MOhZOdqR7VyXK]How To: Polish T8/T9 Internals - YouTube

Conversion To First Strike

OK, while i've never actually seen someone asking about this, i figure its worth including. This video covers converting your marker to shoot FS rounds (X.0 series) in pretty good detail: DskKiHP5bxtX9tez72eE6pvRh

Tiberius Arms First Strike
The Tiberius Arms First Strike paintball round is the first truly significant break through in paintball ballistics. Utilizing a combination of aerodynamic shape and fin stabilization technology, First Strike projectiles maintain their velocity longer. The result is 50% greater range and unrivaled accuracy. All current Tiberius Arms markers come equipped to fire First Strike and traditional paintballs.

Tiberius Arms First Strike Conversion

Remote Line Install

I know that at least I was confused with how this worked at first, so I'm including this too:]t8.1 remote adapter install - YouTube

T8.1 Pistol Remote Adapter Cobra Coil Push Button Remote Install
Pete explains how to remove and replace a standard quick disconnect fitting from the T8.1 Remote Adapter with the Guerrilla Air Cobra Coil male fitting.

T8.1 Remote Adapter Install Video Part 1
Pete explains how to install the T8.1 Remote Adapter. The first two steps is to replace the regulator body plug with a regulator body oring and replace the standard co2 stem with the solid co2 stem.

T8.1 Remote Adapter Remote Install Part 2

Magazine Dissasembly

This first video is only for the X.0 Magazine, and the X.1 magazine differs quite a bit from it. It's pretty hard to mix them up, as they look pretty different: DskKg80nYRh8B9tRM7I2fVYrK

This second video here is for the X.1 Series. It's not actually made by Tiberius Arms like the others videos are, but its still good information: DskLn7WLjKiJITnIV5r2nC8Ap]Tiberius 8.1 Magazine Disassembly - YouTube

New update thanks to UV Halo for compiling this, he did a great job.
Oring guide:


Originally Posted by uv_halo (Post 2283604)
Looking at O-rings, for the T9.1, there are some differences between what Rockstar Tactical calls some of the o-rings, and what's in the manual. So, I figured I'd tear down mine, and note the sizes/types of o-rings in the gun. I've provided the name/number in the manual, and the names on Rockstar Tactical. So, when you have an o-ring fail, break out your manual, and identify the page, and drawing number. Then, you'll see the Tiberius part number and, the o-ring size/type.

XXX-PXX denotes white/clear o-rings (Polyurethane)
XXX-BXX denotes black o-rings (Buna Nitrile)
XXX-X70 denotes Soft o-rings*
XXX-X90 denotes Hard o-rings*
To test hardness between two o-rings of the same size, drop the o-rings on a hard surface. The hard one will make a crisper sound. Or, you can try bending them.
Page 6 - T9.1 Stock Adapter
3 - 91-9127 Valve Nose O-Ring - 002-P90
4 - 91-9128 Valve Shaft O-ring 003-P90
Page 7 - Trigger Group
9 - 45-9111 Trigger Retaining O-Ring 003-B70 (sold as "Push Rod O-ring”)
Page 8 - Regulator
8 - 45-9102 Reg Sealing O-Ring - 006-B90
9 - (Top Drawing) 006-P70 *
9 - (Bottom Drawing) 81-9115 Gun Body/Reg Body O-Ring 006-B90 *
10 - 45-9103 Reg Valve Sleeve O-Ring *
XX - "Reg Spring Pad O-Ring" 012-P70 *
11 - 45-9106 End Screw O-Ring 012-B70
12 - 45-9107 CO2 Stem O-Ring 006-B70
21 - Relief Valve O-Ring (inside the reg piston) 002-P90
# 09 indicates two different o-rings:
In top drawing, it's 006-P70 (sold as “Valve Spacer”)
In bottom drawing it's the 006-B90 "Gun Body / Reg Body" O-rings
# 10 in the drawing is actually "Reg Spring Pad O-ring"
# 15 in the drawings is actually #16 (Reg Valve Ball) in the chart
Page 9 - CO2 Valve Housing
4 - 81-9119 CO2 Housing O-Ring - 105-P90
5 - 45-9109 CO2 Housing O-Ring – 006-P70 (did not visually confirm)
Page 10 - Engine and Firing Bolt Assembly
2 - 81-9105 AC Plug O-Ring - 016-B70
5 - 45-9101 Air Chamber Cap O-Ring - 110-P70
6 - 81-9104 Air Chamber OD O-Ring - 020-B70
Page 12 - Tiberius Gun Body Assembly
13 - 81-9115 Gun Body/Reg Body 006-B90
Parts not numbered / identified in the manual
Shroud Mounting Screw O-Ring - 010-B70


zicarofam 01-31-2012 06:46 PM


VooDooAddict 01-31-2012 06:51 PM

There's an 8.1 remote kit that comes out the back of the marker... not through the mag like the old x.0.

Mr.Smith 01-31-2012 06:54 PM


Originally Posted by VooDooAddict (Post 2190117)
There's an 8.1 remote kit that comes out the back of the marker... not through the mag like the old x.0.

Right, but it seems like enough people around here still use the X.0 series. Whats the harm in putting it in? I will put something in there highlighting that, though.

518ontarget 01-31-2012 08:25 PM

great idea mr.Smith

Havoc-paintballer 01-31-2012 08:55 PM

You make life so simple :D

Thxs for your time bringing it all together man!

VooDooAddict 01-31-2012 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by Mr.Smith (Post 2190123)
Right, but it seems like enough people around here still use the X.0 series. Whats the harm in putting it in? I will put something in there highlighting that, though.

Exactly... not that it's not useful. Just that, for the 8.1's there a better way.

hmcl281 02-01-2012 12:38 AM

nice thread, will come in handy

Acidpaintball 02-01-2012 10:26 AM

Vote for sticky

Mr.Smith 02-01-2012 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by freak1 (Post 2190258)
great idea mr.Smith


Originally Posted by Havoc-paintballer (Post 2190307)
You make life so simple :D
Thxs for your time bringing it all together man!


Originally Posted by hmcl281 (Post 2190660)
nice thread, will come in handy

Thanks guys, I'm happy it's useful. :D


Originally Posted by Acidpaintball (Post 2191005)
Vote for sticky

This is sorta what i had in mind when i made the thread, but i wanted to make sure people liked it/found it useful. Ill keep updating it as more recent info becomes available/i find new things.

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