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And they have arrived!
A few pics:
Name:  IMG_20120329_175021.jpg
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Name:  IMG_20120329_174951.jpg
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Name:  IMG_20120329_175310.jpg
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KJ on top, UMS on the bottom
Name:  IMG_20120329_175217.jpg
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Original UMS on the left, new comp from KJ on the right.

Pretty pleased with the fit and finish. The bottom rail attaches with the provided screws perfectly, and mounts perfectly to the marker.
Inner diameter of the comp allows for the thicker OD of the lapco barrel.
You can see in the pics that even the birdcage tip fits thru, which does allow for a very nice look I have to say.
I ordered the trigger and release as well, but those will wait until later.
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My feedback...
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Looks hot!
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Yeahh these things look great
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I'm glad to see that the birdcage will fit threw and look great with the compensator. I have been thinking about the same thing and trying to decide if I want to shorten a barrel or leave it slightly sticking out. Thanks for the pictures!

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Just thought I'd share my T8.1 as well. wmdfrank, your pics made me get my comp in addition to the trigger and mag release!

Trigger feels great, and I feel that the compensator balances the weight to a more even feel. The index mag release lets me drop the mag one handed, which I like allot! It also has a Hammerhead barrel with a TPX thread protector, haven't had a chance to test the barrel yet though..

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